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Author Topic: [Borg] Tactical Cube MKII by Suricata [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 3404 times)

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Design by: Suricata

Starship name: Tactical Cube 396
Class: Class 5 Tactical Borg Cube
Length: 3000m+
Beam: 3000m+
Height: 3000m+
Known Weapons: Disruptors (regular and pulse), Phasers (regular and pulse), High-Energy Particle Beams, Focused Cutting beams, Photonic Missles, Quantum Toerpedos, Transpasic Torpedos, Tri-Cobalt Missles, Chroniton Torpedos, Energy Dampening Weapons.
Known Defences: Regenerative Ablative Armor, Interphase Generator, Self-regeneration Technology, Rotating Frequency Double shielding, Metaphasic shielding,
Known Propulsion: Quantum Slipstream Drive, Transwarp Coils, Conventional Warp Drive, Conventional Sub-light Propulsion
Cruise Velocity: Unknown
Maximum Velocity: Unknown
Decks: Unknown, estimated at 500 decks.
Crew compliment: Varies, recorded at over 130,000
Alignment & Era: Borg Collective, STO Era
Mission profile: Exploration and Assimilation


After the Borgs losses in 2378 from the neurolytic pathogen introduced by future Admiral Janeway, as well as other incidents where a Borg Queen had been lost, the Borg re-organised its collective, the role of the Queen was transformed into a protocol within the collective, this meant the Queen no longer needed a physical form and thus removed the weakness to the collective that having a centralised command causes.

Using the assimilated information from Starfleets Databases on Admiral Janeways captured shuttle, the Borg were able to upgrade thier weapons technology, as well as their defensive, propulsive and other systems in concordance with the races Starfleet had encountered and what Starfleet had created in teh future 20 years. This gave the Borg an edge against Species 8472 and soon enough the borg were able to survive encounters with species 8472 and learn how to incorporate several of thier technologies into the collective, such as their ships bio-hulls as well as improved nano-technology. Although attempts to assimilate species 8472 members still appeared to be futile. The new additional technologies and lessons learned also allowed the borg to achieve one of thier primary goals, the aquisition and control of the Omega particle. Which is at the heart of the cube, making the destruction of a cube a deadly occurance.

The Borg also re-evaluated thier goals and behavior and after several incidents of species breaching the interior of thier vessels, all incursions were decided to be hostile. Thus, if a vessel is boarded, the intruders are now immediatly flagged as a threat and assimilated or exterminated. To assist in assimilation, more so after fatal experiances with species 8472, drones are now equipped with assimilation darts, these darts contain nanites and can be fired at varying ranges, this allows assimilation of species without risking melee contact which could be fatal (again relevant to species 8472). Stealth technolgy has also been considered an option now, before, the Borg had no concerns about rushing headlong into a battle, however, after species 8472, the possablities from having the ability to 'shadow' thier enemies became more apparent.

As with all Borg Vessels, each assimilation and contact with a species allows for a greater understanding of perfection and thus the ship is in a constant state of improvement.

Purpose within Star Trek Online:

After Star Trek Voyager, the borg had become push-overs, with the new directives they again become the faceless enemy that is nigh unstopable. This vessel would be used to basicaly scare the hell out of players and would be used for 'very' large fleet battles.