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Author Topic: [Borg] Tactical Pyramid / Tactical Aggregate by ThouShallNotQ [STOnet Backup]  (Read 2921 times)

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Design By: ThouShallNotQ

Starship name: Borg Pyramid
Class: Pyramid
Length: 100 m
Beam: 100 m
Height: 100 m
Departmental class: Pyramid
Cruise Velocity: Unknown (Transwarp capable)
Maximum Velocity: Unknown (Transwarp capable)
Weapons systems:

Cutting Beams / Tractor Beams
Plasma Beams
(These are observed weaponry only. No detailed information available)

Decks: Unknown
Crew compliment: Unknown (Probably beyond 200 drones)
Alignment & Era: Borg / VOY
Mission profile: All-purpose
Purpose within Borg Collective:

Offer modularity to the fleet of the Collective and reduce the loss of drones in the case of a lost battle (see "Protocol 6127" below)

Purpose within Star Trek Online:

To gauge the Borg threat, allowing less powerful troops to "sweat" facing some borg without the certainty of loosing the fight.
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