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Author Topic: [Borg Collective] Prism 582 by OpDDay2001 [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 5153 times)

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Design by: OpDDay2001

Designation: Prism 582
Type: Borg Prism
Function: Tactical Destroyer
Alignment & Era: Borg Collective, Post-TNG

600 Metres
Beam: 130 Metres
Height: 83.5 Metres
Decks: 28 Decks
Drone Compliment: 5,600 Matured Drones, 400 Gestating/Immature Drones

Standard Warp Speed:
Warp 8
Maximum Warp Speed:
- Maximum Cruise: Unknown
- Maximum Sustained: Unknown
- Maximum Emergency: Unknown

Transwarp Drive: Operational
- Cruising Transwarp Speed: Unknown
- Maximum Transwarp Speed: Unknown

- Directed Energy Weapons: 6 Phased Energy Rectification (Phaser) Arrays, 12 Directed Plasma Beam Emitters
- Tropedo Launchers: 7 Forward Plasma/Photon Torpedo Launcers, 4 Rear Plasma/Photon Torpedo Launchers
- Various Weapons: Cutting Beams, Holding Beams, Tractor Beams

Defensive Systems: High-Power Subspace Field, Auto-regenerative Hull, Ablative Armor, Deflector Shields

Purpose: Assimilate species and civilizations that possess a moderate amount of technology. Act as a quick, and powerful support vessel during group engagements.

Purpose within the Collective: Scout star systems for suitable races to assimilate, provide support to Borg Spheres, or defend a Unimatrix, or Trimatrix. A Prism often deals with more advanced species then a Sphere would, but doesn't have the power of a Cube. Prisms were used as support vessels for large fleet engagements against Species 8472.

Purpose within Star Trek Online:
Mostly I designd this ship to help "probe" out (Get it? Flesh out, "probe" out?) the Borg a bit more. The Prism would serve as a moderate threat. A Borg Cube is a high threat, a Tactical Cube is the highest threat, a Borg Probe/Scout is the lowest threat, and a Sphere is low-moderate in terms of over all destructive power. The Prism mostly serves as a mid-long range scout that primarily targets species of a certain technological level. Worlds, species, or technology that is not deemed a priority are left for a sphere to deal with, but if a Prism should encounter or be destroyed by a species or technology it signals a Cube or Tactical Cube to finish the job.

A Prism combines the technology used by Spheres, Diamonds, and Cubes into a smaller and more compact frame. It is the Borg equivalant to a Defiant-Class Federation Starship, in that it possess a power source greater then a ship of it's size would normally possess. It is save to assume that IF the Borg were ever to assimilate Pulse Phaser technology from the Federation, that this vessel would be the most suited to use it.

Also, Prisms can often be seen engaging in group engagements, either as support vessels for the larger Cubes or "wolfpack-like" groups of 3 or more. "Wolfpacking" is a rare event and usually occurs when communication to a Prism ( as well as a Sphere, or Scout) is lost suddenly and use of a Cube is deemed unnessacary or no Cube is within Range. When acting as a support vessel, a Prism usually is assigned to take care of moderate-sized vessels or to act as canon fodder.

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Re: [Borg Collective] Prism 582 by OpDDay2001 [Backup from STOnet]
« Reply #1 on: 20 April 2008 06:32 PM »
i hate to be devils advocate, but this really isnt a prism. part of it is, but ... the borg are usually so accurate about these things.
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