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Author Topic: [Breen Confederacy] Unknown Heavy Destroyer  (Read 3268 times)

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[Breen Confederacy] Unknown Heavy Destroyer
« on: 23 February 2008 12:53 PM »
Design by: OpDDay2001

Starfleet Intelligence Report: Breen Destroyer.

Starship name: Unknown
Class: Unknown
Length: ~237m
Height: ~38m
Decks: 3 (assumed)
Crew compliment: ~30
Departmental class: Unknown
Cruise Velocity: Warp 6 (assumed)
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.5 (observed)
Weapons systems: Advanced Energry Dissipators (only select ships), 4+ Breen Disruptor Emitters, 1 Breen Heavy Disruptor Cannon, 2+ Forward Breen Torpedo Launchers, 1+ Aft Breen Torpedo Launcher, Cloaking Device (only select ships).
Alignment & Era: 2380s, Breen Confederacy
Mission profile: Heavy Destroyer or Heavy Raider

Purpose within Breen Confederacy: Starfleet Intelligences believes that this ship serves as a Heavy Destroyer/Raider. It is presumed to be used to help defend the larger Breen Warships, and act in small "Wolf Pack" type squads to scout and raid star systems.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: Serves to Flesh out the Breen a bit more and makes for a powerful enemy vessel to sometimes engage in solitary and group combat. It could also sometimes be seen as a derelict vessel (I am assuming the Breen are also fighting this new threat or atleast being attacked by them).