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Author Topic: [Ferengi] D'nafar-Class by OpDDay2001 [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 2225 times)

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Design by: OpDDay2001

Starship name: Kreetadon
Type: Heavy Cruiser
Class: D'nafar-Class, also called the Vulture.
Length: 557 meters
Beam: 510 meters
Draft: 155 meters
Crew: 650
Departmental class: Trader/Smuggler/Scavanger
Cruise Velocity: Warp 6.5
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.7
Alignment & Era: Ferengi Alliance and Personal, Post-TNG
Mission profile: Dependant on the DaiMon, generally used for trade and smuggling.
Weapons Systems: 3 Disruptor Cannons; 7 Disruptor Emitters; 1 Plasma Spread Emitter; Various Assortment of Missiles; and prototype Ferengi Torpedo Launcher

Purpose within the Ferengi Alliance:
The D'nafar-Class is designed not as a replacement to the D'kora-Class Maurader, but as an alternative to the aging D'kora. It's weapon systems have been upgraded to withstand any, erm, friendly opposition that a DaiMon may encounter on his various enterprises. It's hull is comprised of Sensor Resistance when small amount of energy is fed through it, perfect for avoiding those pesky cargo checkpoints. It also sports a prototype Torpedo Launcher, which is very hard to find. The D'nafar is a perfect choice for any DaiMon conducting business in hostile territory like the Gamma Quadrant, or Neutral Zone(s). The cargo capacity is also increased from the D'kora, as well as it's compliment of shuttles and missiles. All that, and more can be your's to command, DaiMon, for a paultry... 250,000 bars of gold-pressed latinum.

Purpose within Star Trek Online:
In STO, this ship could serve as a way to flesh out the Ferengi, and keep them up-to-date with the other races so they don't get completely over powered (even if they are peaceful). It could also serve as a Hub or random "Boss". It could be a hub, but only if the Ferengi were added via an Expansion, so it's more likely to appear as a "Boss", Trader, and maybe possible Prize Ship for personal fleets.