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Author Topic: [Gorn Confederacy] Spec Ops Frigate by Fre'dni [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 2303 times)

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Design by: Fre'dni

Starship name: GCS Coleanth
Class: Aenreth type Frigate
Length: 132 meters
Beam: 96 meters
Height: 25 meters
Departmental class: Classified
Cruise Velocity: Warp 8.7
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.4 for 8 hours

Weapons systems: Bow: 2 type 12 phaser arrays, 1 type 8.*
Wings : 2 type 10 phaser arrays. *
Stern : 1 type 8 array.* 2 disrupter banks are placed on the ventral side of
the engineering/wing assembly.
Power Plant: 2 type 7 fusion reactors, and an experimental singularity warp
power reactor.

Defense Systems: Advanced Hrest shield deflectors, cloaking shield, 2 mine/sensor decoy launchers, and strengthened hull armor plating.

Shuttle Craft:
1 type 10 Administrative shuttle, with 2 shuttle pods.*
Decks: 4 decks, 3 habitable

Crew compliment: 46 (officers and crew), 10 marines
* Comparable to Starfleet technology

Alignment & Era: Gorn Confederacy, Borg incursion- Post Dominion war

Mission profile: To scout deep within hostile territory, when being detected is not an option.

Purpose within Starfleet: With the losses of Federation vessels during the Borg incursion, and Dominion War, the Gorn Confederacy offered the Federation a small task force to help with border patrol, and pirate suppression. Thus freeing up many Star Fleet craft for other, more important duties. Unofficially, in this force were 5 of the refitted Aenreth class frigates. Using "Borrowed" Romulan cloaking, and singularity technology, these ships allow the Federation to utilize a loophole in the Treaty of Algeron, providing the Federation with an excellent intelligence gathering platform, and to allow Star Fleet Engineering to investigate Romulan advances in technology.
After Star Fleet replaced losses due to the hostilitys, the officially assigned ships returned to Gorn territory, with the frigates still put at the disposal of StarFleet.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: These frigates are still under temporary control of Star Fleet, after the remainder of the task force returned to Gorn territory. Players could be assigned to these ships for exfiltration, and infiltration missions in potentially hazardous areas. They also could be used for rescue missions in territorys where the Federations presence might cause repercussions. Finally they could be used as observation posts for pre-warp cultures.