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Author Topic: [Nacene Explorers] Nacene Homeship by ThouShallNotQ [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 2854 times)

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Design by ThouShallNotQ

Starship name: Far Traveller
Class: Homeship
Length: 12 Km
Beam: 7.2 Km
Height: 7.2 Km
Departmental class: Intergalactic Exploration Vessel
Cruise Velocity: Unknown (Displacement Wave Capable)
Maximum Velocity: Unknown (Displacement Wave Capable)

Weapons systems:
Directed energy beam weapons and a large set of subspace weapons
(This is the hypothetical configuration. No information available at all.)

Decks: Unknown
Crew compliment: Unknown
Alignment & Era: Nacene, 1.500 years before VOY
Mission profile: Universal Exploration
Purpose within Nacene Exploreres:

To provide galactic travalling capability to the Nacene explorers.

Purpose within Star Trek Online:

I don't think there can be one, except as a forced encounter caused by a displacement wave (no ofensive action from the Homeship or there would be no chance for anyone...)
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