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Author Topic: [Tholian] Patrol Cruiser by Falin [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 2597 times)

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[Tholian] Patrol Cruiser by Falin [Backup from STOnet]
« on: 28 February 2008 01:28 PM »

Design by: Falin

Starship name: CM Loskene
Class: Loskene Class Patrol Cruiser/ Command Module

Length: 600m
Beam: 200m
Height: 125m

Departmental class: Internal Security
Cruise Velocity: Warp 6
Maximum Velocity: Warp 8.7

Weapons systems:
6 Phasers (4 Forward, 2 Aft)
2 standard Disruptors
1 web generator ( Lower Aft Section (not operational when docked))

Decks: 25 (22 usable)

Crew compliment: 600 (1400 emergency)
Alignment & Era: Tholian Assembly, Post-Dominion war

Mission profile: Border PATROL AND Customs Enforcement

Purpose within Tholian Defense force: Detain enemy ships long enough for capital ships to assess situation, defend Tholian space from all enemies.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: may be encountered on border incursions, diplomatic escort missions, and anything else that may occur near Tholian Territory.