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Author Topic: [Federation] Exemplar Class by Tethys [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 3439 times)

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Design by: Tethys

Starship name: USS Exemplar NXP-101500
Class: Exemplar Class Prototype - (egg-zemp-lur)
Length: 318 m
Beam: 95 m
Height: 38 m
Departmental class: Long Range Tactical Explorer/Reconaissance/Experimental Testbed (several new technologies)
Cruise Velocity: 9.6
Maximum Velocity: 9.996
Maximum Sublight Velocity: 0.92c, full impulse from dead stand still in 46.3 seconds

Offensive Systems: 8 Type XII Phaser Arrays (120,000 terawatts per array), 4 Quantum/Tri-Cobalt launchers (capable or burst firing up to 4 torpedoes preloaded per launcher) compliment 200 Quantum, 50 Tri-Cobalt

Defensive Systems: Class 2a Navigational Deflector Grid system clears the path of objects up to half a kilometer in diameter, Multiband Metaphasic & Regenerative Shielding improves effectiveness against enemy weapons fire (especially that of Borg origin), hologenerated 25cm thick triple reinforced Ablative Hull Armor for enhanced protection in the event of shield collapse.

Decks: 12 including lower maintinence area
Crew compliment: 110
Evacuation Capacity: 320

Alignment & Era: Post Nemesis, Pre-STO, 2392

Mission profile: Proposed in 2381 by Starfleet R & D engineer Captain Kosstt Rajiong and his team of developmental analysists. After the design was approved, the R & D department wasted no time in researching specific technologies for this testbed. Several new systems, including Starfleet's first dual warp core (using recently synthesized trilithium crystals) and holographic armor, were placed on the platform. After 8 years of development, the first Exemplar class graced Federation Space. Dubbed simply 'X', the Exemplar experienced several 'bugs' on her maiden flight from Utopia Planetia Fleet Yards above Mars before returning to drydock, where the R & D department had to totally rethink their engine design structure. Implementing microfusion coils inside the nacelles, and ultraconductive plasma coils in the warp core, the Exemplar was fitted with a totally new design of warp nacelle, denoting the NXP (NX-Protoype) registry. The experimental nacelles, protected by a grid of triple reinforced ablative armor hologenerators (25 cm thick), put out just over 430,000 terajoules of total system power (both nacelles). Each type XII phaser array fitted on the Exemplar outputs a focused energy beam of 120,000 terawatts, effectively enhancing the destablilization of the shield capacity of enemy ships by 20% as opposed to standard dilithium single core powered arrays. The hull of the Exemplar consists of a duranium/tritanium/parametallic mixture, which in effect should increase structural stability during high warp speeds. Needless to say, the Exemplar makes an excellent design of starship for both long range exploration and reconaissance, as well as close range ship-to-ship combat situations, such as a Borg incursion.

Purpose within Starfleet:
To effectively expand the horizons of discovery by the Federation and Starfleet. Also to eliminate the constant uncertainties of exploring dangerous new frontiers.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: To expand the fleet, introducing new and attractive designs for Starfleet captains desiring an extremely capable class of starship.

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Re: [Federation] Exemplar Class by Tethys [Backup from STOnet]
« Reply #1 on: 28 February 2008 03:52 PM »
Great Job Zach !!

You really deserve a beer right now! that was a hard job to do!

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Re: [Federation] Exemplar Class by Tethys [Backup from STOnet]
« Reply #2 on: 05 March 2008 07:09 PM »
The design in its self looks very much like a Intrepid Class ship. The one feature that sticks out that I like is this HoloArmor, that is very unique direction for emerging technologies within a 20 -25 year life cycle. However I really do not under what the actual necessity was for a "Dual Warp Core system" especially when this ship only has two nacelles and if a type XI Core is capable of powering a Soverign having two on this ship seems unnecessary also when it comes to overall power signature emanating from this ship I can see this being a serious henderence in the event that the crew needs to subversively enter enemy territory's considering its power signature will light it up like a Christmas tree on sensors.

Good start though

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Re: [Federation] Exemplar Class by Tethys [Backup from STOnet]
« Reply #3 on: 19 April 2008 07:51 PM »
good point, however take into account that these are not type XI cores, and the fact that they use a new form of dilithium to contol the reaction, one could assume that the power signature could be masked more effectively by using more power to mask it. i hear where ur coming from tho. ;P
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Re: [Federation] Exemplar Class by Tethys [Backup from STOnet]
« Reply #4 on: 20 April 2008 06:20 PM »
love it! and they have a back up everything else, why not warp core! or new methods of travel may require much greater amounts of power.
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Re: [Federation] Exemplar Class by Tethys [Backup from STOnet]
« Reply #5 on: 11 May 2008 09:21 PM »
I really enjoy the little details that you've put into your designs.  Great job!