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Author Topic: Jason-class multipurpose vessel.  (Read 3397 times)

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Jason-class multipurpose vessel.
« on: 01 August 2008 11:03 AM »
Jason-class multipurpose vessel.

Class: Jason-class multipurpose vessel.
Length: 40 yards
Beam: 30 yards
Height: 12 yards
Departmental class: multi-purpose vessel
Cruise Velocity: Warp 6
Maximum Velocity: Warp 8 (for two hours)
Weapons systems: 4 type 10 phaser strips, two forward quantum torpedo tubes, two pulse phaser cannons.
Decks: 5
Crew compliment: 20, evacuation limit of 50.
Design: The Jason class was designed shortly after the end of the Dominion war as a multipupose vessel. Designed to be churned out in huge mumbers to replace many of the ships lost in the war, it is noted as one of the simplest designs starfleet ever made.
The shuttlebay is an expermental design, using a retractable landing pad to minimise the amoung of space the shuttlebay takes up.
The interior is extremely spartan, lacking any atempt at decoration- the walls are lined with exposed beams, and there is only one holodeck.
In combat, the Jason-class was designed to be a fedration version of the Dominion's extremely effective Jem'hadar Fighter. It's only major weakness is that it lacks an aft torpedo launcher, as it was designed to face it's opponents head-on. There are rumours that Section 31 was involved in the design.

Alignment & Era: Federation, STO Era
Mission profile: this is designed as a multi-purpose vessel for large star bases, or as a patrol vessel for federation borders.
Purpose within Starfleet: Jason-class ships are embarked on most large starbases, serving as transports and backup to the baseís weapons systems. They also are found patrolling federation borders.
Purpose within Star Trek Online: A small, medium-level combat ship.
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Re: Jason-class multipurpose vessel.
« Reply #1 on: 12 August 2008 05:07 AM »
sm - i kno u have probably been itching ur B4LLS off for a reply to this so here i go... into the frontier (pun)

okay. good design. overall, not so federationish, but a nice round design.

ok. 9 yards for height and 5 decks tall.. something seems... a little short? i mean thats great if ur crew are about 5 inches tall. but... before u design a ship, plz plz PLZ research the canon ships and their specs! PLEEZ! have u ever seen a football field? now what ur saying is that a maximum of 50 ppl can fit into a ship with the width of half a football field? not to mention they are 5 inches tall :P

ok trying not to bash.

if i may ask what is your age? not saying theres an age limit on ship design (i myself am still young, 21 actually)

also if you would be willing, try to visit some of the sites listed below:

hope that helps and keep designing ships. theres nothing like a persons imagination!!
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Re: Jason-class multipurpose vessel.
« Reply #2 on: 12 August 2008 04:59 PM »
OK, maybe I made the ship a bit short (I didn't bother to calculate it out. It should be 12 yards high, assuming each deck is seven feet high.)
also, the ship was not designed for fifty people. that is the evacuation limit- the amount of people that can be crammed aboard before they overload the environmental systems. The ship usually only holds twenty people.

If you are wondering where on earth I got the strange ship name, it is named after the captain of Argo in Greek legend.