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Star Trek Gaming Screenshots - Trekwar

 Star Trek Gaming Screenshots

The Hailing Frequency screenshot gallery is currently the largest gallery on the internet dedicated to Star Trek Gaming. In here, you will find screenshots and images from almost every single Star Trek Game ever released!
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DATE  +   - 
POSITION  +   - 
Main Interface192 viewsFrom version 0.02 of Trekwar
The Universal Map174 viewsFrom version 0.03 of Trekwar
Deuterium has now been added as a resource.....146 views
Feb 2009 - Latest Example of User Interface169 views
An Example of Waypoints165 views
Research Screen156 viewsFrom version 0.02 of Trekwar, an early look at the Research Screen.
Ship Designer180 views
Another Example of the Customization Screen164 views
System View152 viewsFrom version 0.02 of the game, very early look at the System View.
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