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Author Topic: Cryptic Screen Shots From Champions Online !  (Read 4526 times)

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Re: Cryptic Screen Shots From Champions Online !
« Reply #10 on: 02 July 2008 09:22 PM »

STO for all we know could be the same graphical potentional as ... AoC

I be very upset if that happened. AoC is having a VERY hard time keeping their game from crashing because of graphics problems atm. My friend compalins about it every day, and hes got a 8800 GTS.

Im fine with SWG graphics. but AoC is unneeded for an MMO.

In all fairness to AoC and Funcom, it's not graphical issues that are causing the game to crash, but rather some programming bugs and a nasty memory leak. Most people that were experiencing graphical issues have overcome those problems through a variety of means.
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