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Author Topic: Possible scenarios  (Read 2727 times)

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Possible scenarios
« on: 29 June 2009 05:08 PM »
PVP Scenario in Star Trek: Online:

Player 1 is a Starfleet officer, commanding a Federation starship on routine patrol of the borders of Federation space.
(Player 1 has set his PVP tag to ON and has consented to engaging in combat with other starships.)

Player 2 is an officer in the Klingon Defense Forces. The ship is cloaked and intends to cross the neutral zone undetected.
(Player 2 has set his PVP tag to ON, with the intent of destroying enemy vessels.)

While in Federation space, Player 2 decloaks his ship in vicinity of Player 1’s starship, weapons hot and shields up. Player 1 responds by raising it's shields, and hails the Klingon vessel. Player 2 opens fire on the Federation starship, which is is heavily damaged during the assault. Player 1 transmits a Federation distress signal to Starfleet Command, informing them of the attack from the Klingon vessel. Player 1's ship is destroyed in combat, and Player 2 remains within Federation space conducting battle repairs.

Starfleet Command is alerted to what transpired and proceeds to send out a subspace message to all ships in the fleet, informing them of the general whereabouts of the assault. Any player who decides to accept the mission from Starfleet Command, is automatically tagged for PVP for the duration of the mission. Upon completion of the mission, the player who performs the best is rewarded accordingly. Any player assisting in the completion of the mission, is rewarded appropriately.

The scenario above is a possible situation, whereby players can gain "battlefield promotions" and additional prestige within the fleet. Although the scenario above favours an outcome for the Federation, Player 2 can transmit a similar signal to the Klingon High Command, whereby the Klingon fleet players are allowed to participate in an all-out conflict with Federation starships.

There are always… possibilities.

(Discuss this idea, and post further suggestions in this thread.)
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Re: Possible scenarios
« Reply #1 on: 30 June 2009 03:53 AM »
I am curious about the inter-faction PVP for the Klingons. Will the game tell you "You dear uncle Khrel was assasinated by traitors, avenge his death Hrad." Or do you just attack whoever you want?
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