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Author Topic: Spammers In STO  (Read 5080 times)

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Re: Spammers In STO
« Reply #10 on: 20 July 2008 07:15 PM »
Lootra, if that system with u get tossed in the brig and muted, if u log off and on again, ure still there:P

uhhh, i did not fully onderstand the earlier part of what you said...
mah boi, mah boi, mah boi, mah boi, mah boi

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Re: Spammers In STO
« Reply #11 on: 21 July 2008 05:03 PM »

  Some interesting comments here, but I guess it all depends on what kind of economic system (if any ) that STO decides to use.   I like the idea of a 'muting program' for repetitive chat, however, it may simply be a matter of changing a word or two to get around it.  personally it would be a lot of fun to simply phaser these irritants out of the game. The dev's will certainly have their collective hands full in dealing with this problem.

   Just as an example, I played LOTRO for a while and not only were these spammers jamming up the general chat in town, but also used the in game mailing system to spam ppl. In fact it got so bad once once that I was out hunting critters when a spammer whispered me wondering if I was interested in buying gold and touting the website where the 'gold' could be purchased. Though LOTRO had an easy to use reporting system and were rather quick to ban the offenders, they ban the character name and not the account.  If they banned the accounts of these ppl and they would have to pay for a new account, then perhaps it will be so costly as to make them give up on the idea of spamming. One hopes this would be the case.

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Re: Spammers In STO
« Reply #12 on: 24 July 2008 08:12 PM »
I think that Star Trek Offers a range of interesting and humourous ways of dealing with spammers:

Forcefields: Freeze you in place and stop you from talking for a period of time

Forcefields II: Freeze you in place and stop you from talking for a period of time plus damage your health

Forcefields III: Freeze you in place until someone from security can come and throw you in the brig

Neural Pacifiers: For long term / repeat offenders - Knock you unconscious aka throw you out of the game for a period of time......

The possibilities are endless.