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Author Topic: Tactical: Policing Adaptive A.I.  (Read 2681 times)

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Tactical: Policing Adaptive A.I.
« on: 26 June 2008 08:23 PM »
One group of people vocal about not wanting to stand guard on the bridge, in halls or anywhere else for that matter are the folks interested in the Tactical career.

I understand and agree completely.

Away Teams and board missions are great ideas but many in Tactical want to be captains too.

Running the same policing mission over and over was not acceptable either.

Then the concept of Adaptive. A.I. starting gaining momentum.  Since folks were allowed to ponder MMO infrastructures as far out as 2012 and beyond it was o.k. to go for broke and ponder supercomputer servers controlling whole planets of Adaptive A.I.

Letting the space faring adaptives loose allows them to 'create situations'.

Something the Tactical/Captain would always be doing is responding to something adaptive have gotten themselves into...from breaking down to being attacked.  Any ship would always have to be on guard from A.I.'s that flip out and attack.

So along with instanced missions in a MMO, should a ST:O developer devote time to thinking about how to include adaptive in ST:O... some point?

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Re: Tactical: Policing Adaptive A.I.
« Reply #1 on: 01 July 2008 12:29 PM »
Absolutely. Star Trek is the perfect game to do it with too.