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Author Topic: Current State of UUM and the Future  (Read 3044 times)

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Current State of UUM and the Future
« on: 30 April 2007 07:21 AM »
Current State of UUM and the Future

The Ultimate Universe Mod Team is currently heading towards Stage II of the Mod once Patch II is released sometime soon. Patch II will be the final patch to UUM. Shortly after Patch II we are looking to release a surprise to one of the races, which include something which we have obtained special permission to use on something which is only exclusive to UUM.

We had a meeting on the direction of the mod this 04/29/07 Sunday at which time we talked about what is going to be discussed and what is going to be in the next stage of the mod.

Stage II of the Mod will have approximately 8 playable races; with several new ships, maps and with an entirely new look from the old interface. We are also hoping to have a storyline at some point of the mod and we are looking to adapting a system which would create entire campaign system at the moment. Though a lot of this is going to take some time, which is unfortunate but we are hoping that it doesnít take too long as we have a lot of things in which we want to bring to the Star Trek Community and bring Legacy that much closer to what it should have been. This is an exciting time as the first state stage of the mod has gone off very well and it has been well received on many fronts. We are hoping that stage II will bring you just as much satisfaction as that of Stage I.

We have been keeping track of the downloads of the mod in the 8 different locations and it would seem to be close to about 3,000 downloads of the UUM since its release.

If you are interested in learning more or subscribing to what the mod is doing please visit today and check out our forums and tell us what you would like to see in the mod.

We make it priority to try and put allot of request into the mod which the fans want to see so let us know! Forums:


Head of PR for UUM