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Author Topic: 2 Star Trek Online Videos from PAX Day One!  (Read 6685 times)

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2 Star Trek Online Videos from PAX Day One!
« on: 05 September 2009 01:49 PM »
A short while ago, we posted the 26 high quality images covering the Star Trek Online booth at Day 1 of the PAX Convention in downtown Seattle. (If you missed those, see here:,1877.0.html)

Now we have 2 high quality videos from the STO booth. 

The first video is 8 minutes long and features Tamgros, who is reporter for Hailing Frequency at the convention, playing the Star Trek Online Public Demo, so you get to see a tonne of gameplay video in that one.

The second video is about 2 minutes long and is a general tour of the Star Trek Online Booth, we see some people playing the game, Tamgros chatting with Craig Zinkevich and much more!

View both videos by going to our PAX Playlist on Youtube at: (embedded below for our HF forum visitors)

This playlist will be updated throughout the day with new videos both STO related and from the general convention! Enjoy!

Star Trek Online | PAX Public Demo!

Star Trek Online | PAX 2009 Booth!

All video was captured by Tamgros of All Out Assault who is working with Hailing Frequency for this event!

Support All out Assault at
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