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Author Topic: PAX 2009 - 20 minute video interview with Craig Zinkievich + 2 mins with Rekhan!  (Read 9248 times)

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Earlier today, we brought you 26 high resolution photos from the Star Trek Online booth at Penny Arcade Expo 2009 as well as an 8 minute video of our reporter and AoA member Tamgros, playing the public demo and a 2 minute tour of the Star Trek Online booth itself.

Well, now we have the proverbial icing on the cake, because at 1pm yesterday, Tamgros got to have lunch with Star Trek Onlines Executive Producer, Craig Zinkevich during which we recorded a 20 minute video interview with him!.

A range of subjects are covered in the interview, including a couple of combat bits, exploration, crafting, customization, the klingons and more, so this is definetly a "HAWT" interview!.

We have uploaded it onto our YouTube channel, in two parts and you can view both of them on our PAX 2009 Youtube Playlist at (or below)

If this wasnt enough, towards the end of the day, we also got a quick 2 minute interview with your community leader, the guy we all know and love, Rekhan, though don't pronounce his name wrong because you'll make him mad!  That interview is also available on our YouTube channel and via our website.

We hope to bring you some more videos over the weekend folks, so by all means, keep an eye on the Hailing Frequency Website and our PAX Youtube Playlist!


Star Trek Online | PAX 09 | Interview w/ Craig Zinkievich P1

Star Trek Online | PAX 09 | Interview w/ Craig Zinkievich P2

Star Trek Online | Mini Interview with Rekhan!


All of the video you have seen from Hailing Frequency has been captured by Vmann and Tamgros of All out Assault who are working with Hailing Frequency to provide coverage of PAX.
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