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Author Topic: [Runner Up] Zack  (Read 4673 times)

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[Runner Up] Zack
« on: 12 January 2010 03:21 PM »
Captains Log Stardate 63555.1 - We have just entered a Star System that Long Range Sensor scans show was recently abandoned by The Borg.  It is not known why the Borg left the system, so we have come here to investigate. End Log.

Helm:  We are approaching the system captain!

Captain: Drop us out of warp and engage impulse engines.  Begin Scanning!

Science: Scans show that the system has 11 planets captain, The 3rd, 4th and 5th planets are in the stars habitable zone. The 6th planet is Class-L, the 1st and 2nd planets are very close to the Star and contain high amounts of heavy metals and the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th planets are all Gas Giants........Sir, I cannot get a reading on the 11th planet, something is interfering with our scans, some kind of directed interference from inside the system.

Captain:  Hmnnnn - 3 planets in the habitable zone – that’s very interesting. Helm - lay in a course to the 3rd planet, let’s start there.

Helm: Aye Sir....Entering orbit in 15 seconds

Tactical: Captain, I am detecting a dampening field slightly below-

Cartography:  <Interrupts> The 11th Planet is moving towards us! I repeat the 11th planet is moving towards us.

Captain : Shields up! On screen. Hail-

Tactical: It is engaging a tractor beam.

Comm: No response.

Helm: The planet… it’s changing. I think it’s going to eat us.

Tactical: Planets do not “eat.” It may be trying to absorb or capture us. The planet eating us is a fundamentally illogical state-

Captain: <Interrupts angrily> Negate that tractor beam!

Science: No good captain.

Captain: Sorac, fire everything we have at that tractor beam.

Tactical: Tractor beam disabled. But I am detecting another tractor beam coming online. Sir, our shields and weapons are shutting down.

Captain: What? Bring ‘em  back online. Helm, get us out of here! Maximum Warp!

Tactical: Tactical controls no longer responding, sir.

Helm:  The planet 11 is distorting our warp field. If we go to warp we’ll be destroyed!

Captain:  Prepare for planetary landing on the 3rd planet. At least now we know why the Borg left.


After landing on the 3rd planet.

Helm: All systems, except tactical, online, sir.

Science: The 11th Planet is moving back to its original position. Perhaps it believes we crashed.

Captain: Or waiting for us to try to leave. How close are we to that dampening field we detected?

Science: 1130 kilometers.

Tactical: Tactical online, sir.

Captain: Lt. Sorac, I want you to find out how tactical went offline and find a countermeasure. Next time it may be life support. Engineering, I want a warp field that can get us the hell out of here.

Tactical/Engineering: Aye, sir.


2.5 hrs later in the ready room

Captain: Tactical report.

Tactical:  Planet 11 shut down our weapons by filling the tactical’s processor core with “junk” data. The computer’s fail-safe subroutine kicked in and shut down tactical. This prevents the computer from execut-

Captain: <interrupts angrily> what’s the countermeasure?

Tactical: The planet utilized a highly focused subspace signal using a carrier wave that matched our shields frequencies to plant this “junk” data.

Captain: But our shields constantly rotate to a random frequency.

Engineering:  Precisely, making it all the more fascinating. I have modified the force fields to filter out this effect. To use an analogy; we are cancelling the noise.


Captain: Very good. Engineering?

Engineering: All sensor data during the struggle was mostly on planet 11-

Captain: <interrupts> I am in no mood for excus-

Engineering: <interrupts> No, no not at all sir.  The data we collected seems to indicate the planet was producing several thousand small warp bubbles that were being created and collapsed every few miliseconds. If we-

Science: <interrupts> Olian to Captain. We have penetrated the dampening field. The Borg are inside.


On The Bridge

Science:  We have found debris from a tactical cube under the dampening field. That’s all I could get until sensors were blocked.

Captain: So they survived the crash…Too bad we can’t stay. Prepare to leave the planet. Engage warp as soon as we leave the planet’s atmosphere.

Engineering: Oh um captain I never finished. We cannot use shields while going into warp due to the adjustments I made. Navigational deflectors will be online of course. But the energy drain is too much for shields.

Tactical: Sir, Planet 11 could shut down all our systems before we are able to engage warp with the shields down.

Captain: Dammit. Cancel launch preparations. Lt. Sorac. Prepare an away team and a shuttle.

Tactical: For where sir?

Captain: The Borg crash site.


In shuttle heading toward Borg crash site.

Sorac: As Chief of Security it is my duty to indicate that traveling into a Borg crash site with little reconnaissance and lightly armed, puts us at a tactical disadvantage.

Olain: And as Acting first officer and Chief of Science it is my duty to agree with the logical Vulcan. But I have to admit these new chromodynamical enhanced Battle Suits compliments my green skin. Don’t you think?

Sorac: Captain, what do you hope to accomplish?

Captain: A solution. Entering the dampening field in 30 seconds.

Sorac: Shields up… Entering the dampening field.

Olain: Look at all the dead Borg. What happened?

Sorac: They crashed.

Captain: No. They starved.

Sorac: Starved?

Captain: Figuratively speaking. They seem to have been disconnected from the collective, unable to recharge. Set us down over there.

Olain: But the Borg have overcome that shortcoming. The Borg can now form a new collective on the fly.

Captain: It looks like Planet 11 filled their minds with “junk.”

Sorac: Perhaps the dampening field, or Planet 11, is preventing them from re-initializing another collective.


In a cave near the shuttles landing area

Olain: I am detecting energy sources up ahead.

Captain: Lets go.

Sorac: Maybe there is technology that survived the crash that can help us out of here.

Captain: That is the idea…

Olain: I am detecting life signs.

Sorac: Ready phasors. Take cover.

3 Borg emerge from further in the cave

Captain: Hold your fire.

3 Borg continue to approach

Borg: What is your designation?

Captain: What is yours?

Borg: 1 of 1, 2 of 2, 3 of 3.

Captain: Real Original.

Borg: No it is not. My original designation is Gary.

Olain: What? You know your original name? Don’t you need to talk about how you are going assimilate us?

Gary: We are no longer part of the collective. The 11th planet around this solar system’s star reconfigured us. The dampening field protects from Borg subspace signals. We were able to deploy the field before we formed a new collective. It is not any ordinary dampening field.

Captain: We need help getting out of this solar system. Can we trade technology?

Sorac: Trading with the Borg? Illogical.

Captain: These aren’t Borg anymore. And if any other Borg came they would meet a similar fate.

Borg: Our resources are limited. And you have no technology useful to us. Please return to your ship.

Olain: <whispers to captain> I am detecting an immense amount of technology in their hoard.

Captain: As you are now creatures of free will, I have no right to demand anything of you. If you require our assistance, you know where we are.


Back on the Starship

Engineering: That’s the last probe. The planet got that one as well.

Captain: …I will be in my ready-

Comm: Receiving a hail sir. From planet 11.

Captain: On screen… Greetings I am Captain-

Planet 11: Destroy the Borg infestation and you are free to leave this solar system.

Captain: They are no longer Borg. You have successfully severed them-

Planet 11: Quiet mortal. I have battled the Borg for hundreds of years. Borg will always be Borg. The terms are final.

Comm: Communication terminated.

Science: The planet is truly alive. And pithy.

Helm: Why can’t the planet destroy the Borg? Maybe it is just playing games with us.

Captain: Why can’t a lion pick a flea off its back.

Tactical: If Planet 11 got too close, it would seriously disrupt the orbit of this planet. And it seems to care a great deal about this solar system.


Captains quarters – captain alone in quarters

Door chime

Captain:  It’s open.

Olain: Captain, quite the predicament. Destroy liberated borg, or rot on this planet. Makes you appreciate what Admiral Janeway went through. Constantly having to choose between upholding Federation Regulations or -

Captain: So now you want to be ships counselor as well?

Olain: Well, Orions are known for their… Compassion.

Captain: Indeed. I guess I might as well tell you now, unofficially. Speaking off the record. If we get off this planet I intend to make your posting to first officer permanent.

Olain: Sir! Thank you, Sir! I can never replace Commander-

Captain: You deserve it. Don’t thank me. Though Sorac may be disappointed.

Olain: He may fail to see the logic, but he will tell you himself that he cannot be disappointed.

Captain: Hah. I suppose you are right. He is not too bad. Having a Vulcan on the bridge does have its advantages but he does annoy me a little.

Olain: You know you could just initiate a self destruct sequence. Threaten Planet 11 with the destruction of one of its beloived planets…


Tactical: Captain to bridge. We are receiving a distress call from the “liberated” Borg.

Captain: Saved by the bell.

Olain: <confused look>


On the bridge

Captain: On screen. Gary. Good to see our new neighbors.

Borg: <distressed> Captain he is bleeding. 2 of 3 is damaged. He is damaged… Severely. The Borg do not repair a member this damaged. But I cannot deactivate him. He is my brother. Please, we require help.

Captain: Allow us to beam through your shields. We can administer first aid.


Borg cave

Gary: Thank you doctor. I have become accustomed to 2 of 3. It is a strange experience, these emotions.

Doctor: This was a minor injury, a first year medical student could-

Captain:  Doctor! Thank you for your help. It seems you do require our help. I am willing to give you first aid supplies and training.

Borg: In exchange for what?

Captain: Starfleet prohibits the barter of medical equipment. You need it. So we will give you equipment and training. Do I look like a Farengi to you?

Borg: No. Why?

Captain: It was a… Never mind

Tactical: Sorac to the captain. Planet 11 is launching micro rounds at us. I calculate we can hold out for 25 minutes. We run the risk of the haul becoming extremely weakened from the pierc-

Captain: I got it Lieutenant. Captain out. Sorry Gary. Looks like the neighborhood is about to get smaller. If we survive I will send an away team over to train-

Borg: Unacceptable!

Captain: Whoa! Let’s not get hostile!

Borg: We will come with you in exchange for our technology.

Captain: Well I can’t “barter” safe passage. Kind of the same thing as the med-

Borg: You can have our technology and equipment. Can we come with you? I have adapted our shielding to protect us from Borg re-collectivization on a personal level.

Captain: You learn fast, at many things. You know, I think I am going to need new science officer soon.


Back on the bridge

Engineering: Captain. The Borg, um Gary, has installed the Borg modifications. Power levels at 225%. Engineering ready for departure.

Captain: Red Alert. Helm, get us out of here. Sorac, disable those tractor emitters as soon as they are in range.

Comm: Planet 11 hailing us.

Captain: On screen.

Planet 11: Unacceptable. You will not leave this solar system with the scourge.

Captain: They have been liberated from the Collective. The no longer pose-

Planet 11: Fool. You damn us all.

Sorac: 2 tractors emitters destroyed 3 more coming online.

Captain: Anytime Helm!

Helm: Engaging Warp sir.


Heading back to Federation space

Inside captains quarters

Olain: What do you think Star Fleet will say about our new friends?

Captain: I can handle the admirals. But what Planet 11 said… gives me pause.