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Author Topic: [Klingon] Anla'Shak Class by G'kar [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 2930 times)

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[Klingon] Anla'Shak Class by G'kar [Backup from STOnet]
« on: 25 February 2008 03:22 AM »

Design by: G'kar

Starship name: IKS Anla'Shak named for people who aim to serve and protect thinking of others rather then themselves.
Class: Anla'Shak, the first in development, with more on the way.
Length:155.95 meters
Beam: 175.75 meters
Height: 63.34 meters
Departmental class: Warship
Cruise Velocity: Warp 7.5
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.6

Weapons systems:4 Next gen Klingon Disruptors, One located on each wing with 2 located below the bow. One torpedo launcher under the bow with an ample supply of torpedoes.

Decks: 8
Crew compliment: 30-40 crew depending on the need.
Alignment & Era:2399, ST:O's era.
Mission profile: To defend the Empire at all costs.

Purpose within the Klingon Empire: Mainly a warship, secondary use as a scout, raider, patrol ship, and even a cruiser.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: To be one of the Klingon's Fastest and deadliest ships, If she sees you before you see her, you've already lost.

The Anla'Shak class vessel is based after the retired B'rel class which was later replaced with a much larger version, the K'Vort. The Anlashak is slightly larger then the B'rel and packs a far greater punch. It is however proportionally much smaller then the K'vort which gives it an edge. The ship was built to be a smaller warship which could pack a good punch and could use speed and maneuverability to overcome it's size.

With 40 crew, 4 heavy Klingon Disruptors and a warp drive capable of speeds exceeding warp 9.5. The Anla'Shak is the perfect vessel for long range missions, large scale battles, and is situated as one of the most maneuverable ships in the fleet. Equipped with a cloaking device, its heavily effect weapons, and tactical maneuverability it can outfly, outshoot, and outmatch ships twice her size. She works better with others, mainly due to her size and weak sheilding, but she can easily take out any vessel occupied by another ship. The perfect ship to add to the Klingon arsenal. It is also rumored she was created as a match for the Federations Defiant.

The ships main advantages are speed, strength, and maneuverability due to it's size and engines.

The main flaws in the design are the ships shields. The ship can hand out a beating quick and swift which makes it a deadly vessel, but if the enemy manages to lock on to it a few well placed shots could knock it the ships shielding pretty quickly. It relies on it's speed to evade attack and come in to make well placed hits of her own. "If she sees you before you see her, you've already lost." the ships motto.

Terrible with drawing so here's all i could come up with, red, marks the place of the Klingon disruptor's.