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Author Topic: [Klingon] Soch'qis-Class by OpDDay2001 [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 3106 times)

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Design by: OpDDay2001

Starship name: IKS DaH' Qapla' (roughly, "Success now!")
Class: Soch'qis (really roughly, "seven curved blade")
Length: 489m
Beam: 350m
Draft: 117m
Height: 113.85m
Departmental class: Heavy Attack Cruiser
Cruise Velocity: Warp 6.7
Maximum Velocity: Warp 9.7
Weapons systems: 2 Heavy Disruptors, 1 Disruptor Cannon, 16 Disruptor Emitters, 3 Forward Torpedo Launchers, 1 Aft Tropedo Launcher
Decks: ~27 Decks
Crew compliment: ~2,150
Alignment & Era: Imperial Klingon Empire, Post-TNG

Mission profile: Strike at heavily armed enemy warships, assist other large ships like the Negh'Var Class.

Purpose within Klingon Imperial Fleet: Designed to compliment the Negh'Var Heavy Cruiser/Battleship, the Soch'qis is meant as a replacement/companion craft to the aging Vor'Cha class. It's an attempt by Klingon Designers to recapture the glory days of the Empire by emphasizing on making it look like an older designed warship. It boasts some heavy firepower, and is a bit more powerful then the Vor'Cha class, but is no match for the refitted Negh'Var class, however the older Negh'Vars are on par with this ship. However, the Vor'Cha class are slightly more manueverable.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: I think it's design should be a throwback to the TOS era ships because parts of the Empire are probably restless and long for the glory days of the empire. A ship of this design would serve as not only a referance to the TOS by the Devs, but could signify a return to the Klingons roots as expansionists. While not expanding into Federation territory, the Klingons could choose to expand in other directions, possible engaging the Romulans in battle a couple of times during the course of the game. Player wise, it provides a big and intimidating foe for any players coming against it, and could possibly be involved in Group Player Quests. In later expansions, it could be one of the larger vessels that Klingons could serve on. It could be a Klingon Hubship, comparable to the Galaxy Class.