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Author Topic: [Klingon] Harth Class by K'ShaQ [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 3352 times)

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[Klingon] Harth Class by K'ShaQ [Backup from STOnet]
« on: 26 February 2008 03:40 PM »

Design by: K'ShaQ

Starship name: IKS Harth, named after the House of Harth. A member of the House of Harth, K'ShaQ, was it's designer.
Class: Harth class, because it was the first of this type.
Length: 559.3 meters.
Beam: 164.8 meters.
Height: 178.7 meters.
Departmental class: Warship
Cruise Velocity: Warp 4.3
Maximum Velocity: Warp 5.7
Weapons systems: Twenty torpedoe launchers, Twenty-eight phaser banks.
Decks: 20
Crew compliment: 500, 350 of which are assualt troops for boarding parties.
Alignment & Era: 2399, ST:O's era.
Mission profile: To defeat any enemies of the Empire.

Purpose within Klingon Empire: Joining larger fleets to lead them, territorial defense, solo attack on slower pirates.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: Being one powerful endgame boss, and maybe getting ownership by very powerful Klingon guilds.

This vessel is slightly smaller than the Negh'Var class warship, but significantly heavier in weapon capability. With nearly 60% of power from the warp core going to weaponry, it cannot make it to any high warp speeds. With multiple torpedo launchers and phaser banks, a design that was given to the Klingon Empire by Starfleet, it can throw itself deep into the fray of battle and successfully defeat many vessels. Unable to hunt down faster enemies, it is usually given the task of guarding import areas, and several now are in orbit of Quo'nos. No shuttle craft or escape pods, it houses instead a large compliment of torpedoes, both photon torpedoes and quantum (the quantum design coming from Starfleet also), roughly 7000 torpedoes in all. Ablative hull armor installed in several areas across the vessel, it also has new shield emitters that deflect the weaponry, still getting damage but to a lesser degree. This added advantage also helps when the vessel is being assualted on all sides.

1) The bridge. With extra shield power extended there, and several force fields being held inside that give additional protection

2) The main hull. Phaser banks and torpedo launchers (the red lines are the phasers and the red circles are torpedo launchers; like I said, I'm a bad artist) line the outside of the hull. This area also holds the majority of crew quarters, which have the fewest creature comforts of the whole Klingon fleet. The warp core is held in the center, emitting large amounts of energy out to the hull weapons.

3) The warp nacelles are here. They have several phaser banks lined up all around their edge.

4) The secondary hull. Inside is the secondary and third warp core, which provides power to the phaser banks on the naccelles and provides power for warp speed. Two rear torpedo launchers are located on the end.

5) Deflector device that gives the shields their reflective capability..

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