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Author Topic: Klingon Academy Game Nights Saturdays 7PM ET  (Read 2876 times)

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Klingon Academy Game Nights Saturdays 7PM ET
« on: 20 May 2012 12:19 AM »

For those of you who don't know, about a year ago, KOMAT made some fixes that allow this game to be playable on newer hardware, they work, I've tested them on a variety of hardware and they work perfectly. I've beat the campaign with them, only crashing a few times due to script bugs. You can find the fixes here:

Hello there, I am trying to setup a gamenight for anyone who wants to play KA to meet up at a certain time so we can play some games together. If we get enough people we can setup some war games like Klingons vs Feds or something. I want to try to have some gamenights at this time,meeting either on Xfire (preferred),GSA, Teamspeak or Steam. If you are tired of playing the same FPSs or MMOs, come join me and we can travel back in time to when games were honorable, you filthy human

my xfire is teeth03
steam is teeth_03
my teamspeak address is

GSA is kinda buggy,so I would just prefer meeting somewhere else and just swapping IPs,I should be able to host some games.

I will also try to find people online other nights around the same time as well, 7PM Eastern Time US.

I've also found out recently that Xfire supports KA, but it needs tested if you can join off of someone who is playing.

Xfire/Steam Groups

If the time does not work for you, please post or email me and we can possibly change it or maybe try 2 times a week. My email address is teeth_03 AT hotmail DOT com

Come play warriors!