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Author Topic: Help with old late 90s early 2000s Games on Win 7 64bit  (Read 4796 times)

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I have several older Star trek games from Interplay, Activision and Microprose.  I have gotten a great many of them to install and work in Windows 7 Pro 64bit but there are some that are problems.  The one that are problems are Hidden Evil (can get installed, but crashes upon starting, says something about Spirit Engine), New Worlds (can get installed but cannot get into game, see other threads, same problems as I had under XP) and Generations.  I have tried using the Virtual PC, Windows XPmode offered where Generations there does install it crashes upon playing when trying to transport to station.

Interesting thing, is that I found a copy of the Hidden Evil Demo on a CD on my shelf and installed it earlier today and it works fine, but the real program does not. 

Please help
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Re: Help with old late 90s early 2000s Games on Win 7 64bit
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What had already read it, read it, the more you know. Accuracy is very good memory.