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Author Topic: Trouble with DS9 Dominionwars  (Read 3735 times)

Offline Kevin Calcote

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Trouble with DS9 Dominionwars
« on: 12 December 2014 10:11 PM »
Greeting to anyone who thinks they might be able to assist here.
     I have "Star trek Deep Space 9 Dominion Wars," and have never been able to make it work. When I bought it back in the mid 2000s, it was too advanced for the computer I had at the time. Now I have a windows 8 computer- no comments on windows 8; we're being kind today. Having said that, when I load the game on the current computer, I get the message stating and I do quote "ds9dw.exe has stopped working. If you have any ideas on this or at-least know where I should really send this e mail, I would appreciate the information

                                  e mail

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Re: Trouble with DS9 Dominionwars
« Reply #1 on: 13 December 2014 01:39 AM »
Hey Kevin Calcote, welcome to hailing Frequency.

 From what I understand I do not know of anyone recently getting Dominion Wars to run in Windows 8.

 That being said, Revan has a work around for Windows 7 that he posted here:

 Also, there are some tips from users in this thread:

 You may be able to find some Dominion Wars tips from Trekcore as well:

 I hope you can find some aid though one of these links.
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