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Author Topic: [Cardassian Union] Peregrine-class light cruiser  (Read 4132 times)

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[Cardassian Union] Peregrine-class light cruiser
« on: 14 March 2008 08:29 PM »
[Cardassian Union] Peregrine-class light cruiser

Starship name: Peregrine
Class: Peregrine-class
Length: 1580 feet
Beam: 1000 feet
Height: 40 feet
Departmental class: light cruiser
Cruise Velocity: Warp 6
Maximum Velocity: Warp 8 (for ten hours)
Weapons systems: Two forward-facing phaser cannons, one rear-facing cannon, two ventral and two dorsal phaser cannons, and two forward photon torpedo launchers, and two side-mounted photon torpedo launchers.
Decks: 6
Crew compliment: 500, evacuation limit of 1000.
Design:  The Peregrine-class light cruiser has its roots in a paperwork mistake made in the Utopia Plantara fleet yards doing the Dominion War. Instead of producing 100 replacement nacelles for excelsior-class ships, the factory produced 1000. These extra nacelles were left in a warehouse, where they remained for the rest of the war. A few months after the war, the Federation gave these excess nacelles to the Cardassian government, to aid in its efforts to rebuild the Cardassian shipping industry. The resourceful Cardassian shipbuilders, already designing a Light cruiser to reinforce the greatly depleted force of Gallor-class ships, were able to design and build the prototype Peregrine-class inside of two months.

Alignment & Era: Cardassian Union, Star Trek: Nemesis Era
Mission profile: The Peregrine-class ships have two primary missions. The first is to patrol Cardassian space and borders. The second is to escort the larger Galor- and Keldon-class cruisers.
Purpose within Starfleet: The Peregrine-class cruisers used by Starfleet are typically used for patrol and escort duties, although a few have been refitted for use as transports.
Purpose within Star Trek Online: These are a medium-to-high level ship, available to Cardassian players. They are primarily intended for space combat. These ships are hard to find: They were built a good twenty years ago, and many were de-commissioned and destroyed after the Cardassians joined the Federation.

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Re: [Cardassian Union] Peregrine-class light cruiser
« Reply #1 on: 15 March 2008 12:48 AM »
The cardassians joined the federation?

I love this ship - well, moreso, the story behind it, it makes sense, and thats one of the key things about any trek ship - it should make sense. What is a ship without a purpose?

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Re: [Cardassian Union] Peregrine-class light cruiser
« Reply #2 on: 10 April 2008 03:35 PM »
wow thats absolutely brilliant. i love the backstory... it sounds very reasonable. good work! :P
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