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Author Topic: [Federation] Everest Class Runabout by Mithril [Backup from STOnet]  (Read 2277 times)

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Designed by: Mithril

Starship name: Everest NX-96700
Class: Everest class
Length: 25 meters
Beam: 13 meters
Height: 4 meters
Departmental class: Runabout
Cruise Velocity: Warp 5
Maximum Velocity: Warp 7
Weapons systems:
7x Type 6 Phaser Arrays
1x Micro-Probe Launcher
Decks: one
Crew compliment: Two, Passenger space for 8, emergency compliment of 24.
Alignment & Era: 2400's Federation
Mission profile: Short range General Purpose Exploration and Research Vessel. Designed to replace the Danube class, the Everest incorporates up to date technologies and design lessons learned from the Dominion War. like it's reletive the Talon class Scout, the Everest utilizes warp Nacelles blended with the hull, and armored Impulse vents. Internally, it shows it's relation to the Danube class, with 4 mission specific internal module spaces. these modules are protected behind removeable hull plating for protection.

The Everest Class has superior tactical manuvering ability and firepower over the Danube, while retaining the Flexibility required for scientific and exploration roles.

Purpose within Starfleet: The Everest is a simple effective craft capable of serving as Scout, Strikefighter, Transport, Science Vessel, or Exploratory craft.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: The Everest gives players the option of a simple, effective starship to replace their Standard Shuttles. the Everest's abilities approach that of a full starship, but handles like a shuttle. as such, it can be used on missions where a full starship is not required, but more capability than a standard shuttle is desired.
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