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Author Topic: Officers, Enlisted and Civilian......Should this be the breakdown in STO?  (Read 5620 times)

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With civilians as crafters, I think they should be limited to making components for ships that are not "Starfleet Issue"  Engineers can then modify their vessels with these special modifications, with a chance of it literally blowing up in their face. Just a thought :Constitution:

Offline Nova

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Nah, let the free accounts have some fun. Make them the Borg.

Offline Sir_Cedric

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Let them be Borg?  :'(

That would be so mean in a funny way, but if you just limited them to what they can do, I think that's the best way to handle it. Just have the enlisted ranks to the Military, and add Apprentice for the Civilian side, that way you can see what each has to offer.

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My view on this has become more sophisticated.

Free accounts could be enlisted crewmen.  They'd be, basically stuck on the ship and have limited access to the holodecks.  Unless civillian gameplay is pretty weak, letting someone across the galaxy for free, able to see all the paid content, even if they can't advance, doesn't sound wise.
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While such a detailed breakdown would be wonderful to see, I definitely think Cryptic's working as hard as they can just to get the game out, systems like this are more icing on the cake that they can simply patch in after Launch.. 
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Offline Zach

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I think that they will probably launch Civilian Life as a later expansion pack to increase the shelf life of the game.