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Title: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Tethys on 28 April 2008 10:43 PM
Class: Constantine
Length: 592 m
Beam: 218 m
Height: 78 m
Departmental class: Battleship/Dreadnought
Cruise Velocity: 6
Maximum Velocity: 9.91 (12 hr)
Emergency Velocity: 9.98 (6 hr)

Offensive Systems: 10 Type XII Phaser Arrays, 4 Type I Quantum Phaser Strips (recently developed), 5 Torpedo Tubes, 4 Compression Phalanx Arrays (3 launchers per array = 12 launchers)

Defensive Systems: Class 2 Regenerative Shield Generator, Ablative Double Armor, Parametallic Double Hull (4 hulls in all)

Hull Expectancy: 170 yrs
Time Between Refits: 8 yrs
Time Between Resupply: 4 yrs

Decks: 16
Crew compliment: 125 Officers, 400 Enlisted
Evacuation Capacity: 1200

Alignment & Era: Pre St:O; Commissioned June 12, 2401

Mission profile: Recent advancements in Federation weapons technology spurred an ambitious endeavour to "see what we've got", in the words of the head of the ASDB's Design and Development department, as he proposed the Constantine Class at a conference in 2395. New technologies such as quicker energizing Regenerative Shields, Quantum Phasers, and Compression Phalanx Arrays have been constructed without a suitably powerful starship to test on. The Constantine Class is unique in that it employs a warp reaction assembly, with experimental Protomatter hyperconverters, which effectively proportionize TO the amount of energy needed to power these systems. The energy manipulation process simply increases the energy exponentially without the need for a second 'active' warp core. This breakthrough in Federation Energy Technology has led to lower power signatures and heavier weapons, in effect marrying stealth and deadliness into one lethal combination. One downside to this breakthrough is its lack of cost effectiveness, as the enzymes needed to control the energy manipulation process have, as of yet, only been found in Class 1 Nebulae.
Class 2 Regenerative Shield Generator The regenerators require considerable amounts of power to operate effectively. Near instantaneous regeneration with Class 1 generators would be too energy expensive for the ship and would burn out the filters immediately. The Class 2 generator addresses this problem, effectively separating the damaged 'disrupted' shield patterns from the intact patterns. In addition, newly constructed parametallic filters allow the amount of energy needed to separate the damaged patterns to pass through without causing an overload.
Quantum Phasers As of 2375, Quantum Phasers were only theoretical. In 2380, research and development tested its first array on a reconstructed segment of a Borg vessel with suprising results. "Anti-Borg technologies almost have to be researched; a line must be drawn and formidable defenses must be designed if the Federation wants to survive another attack, and the possibility of a multiple ship attack. Primary weapons such as phasers are effective until a point is reached that all modulations are ineffective against Borg shields. That is the problem we are addressing. It is our goal to create a phaser weapon capable of multiple modulations and also powered by harnessing zero-point energy as quantum torpedoes do to make them more powerful as well as more effective against the Borg. The technology constructing a phaser array made up of individual emitters that fire the same way conventional phasers do, with a twist. The discharge is made up of several beams with their own modulation, thereby hitting the opponent's shields with multiple modulations. Before reading the example remember that a typical quantum phaser bank would be made up of thousands of emitters, therefore hitting Borg shields with a phaser beam made up of at least 500 streams from the emitters. The individual emitter would share the circumference of a basketball." (Taken in context from Journal of Applied Treknology: http://www.treknology.org/technology1.htm ; credits to Indianapolis R&D and Lt. Gardnier)
Compression Phalanx Array Standard Phalanx Arrays employ rapid-firing microtorpedoes. The Compression Phalanx Arrays do the same, only adding a compression within the array that propels the torpedo at a higher rate of speed. Microtorpedoes since the mid 2370's have been totally revamped, instituting higher frequency targeting scanners and quicker target lock capability. Each array can pulse fire 9 microtorpedoes, 3 from each launcher, within a second. Recharge and reload takes just under 12 seconds, making the total output of microtorpedoes per minute well into the hundreds (~180/minute).

Purpose within Starfleet: To counter any threat that may arise, including multiple ship Borg incursions.

Purpose within Star Trek Online: Under Development...

Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Bajoran Berrie on 28 April 2008 10:51 PM
as per usual tethys, i love it.
Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Zach on 28 April 2008 11:05 PM
It reminds me of a Prommie!
Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Tethys on 28 April 2008 11:56 PM
thanks :P


Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Tethys on 29 April 2008 08:14 PM
Updated Quantum Phaser diagram
Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Tethys on 02 May 2008 12:23 AM
Quantum Phaser Sound
Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Zach on 02 May 2008 09:20 AM
I LOVE that Quantum Phaser spec sheet! Awesome attention to detail man!!
Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Tethys on 03 May 2008 02:40 AM
all credit for Quantum Phasers go to http://www.treknology.org/technology1.htm Indianapolis R&D and Lt. Gardnier

except the sound which i manipulated myself
Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: Athos on 11 May 2008 09:15 PM
Very nice Tethys!  It does remind me of a Prometheus/Sovereign mix.  Looks tough, in accordance with Starfleet style, and has quantum phasers.  I like this b/c on Lotus Fleet RPing, I just thought of equipping a defiant-class with quantum pulse phasers.  :muaha:
Title: Re: Constantine Class Battleship
Post by: next491 on 01 December 2016 05:19 AM
Excellent post. Thank you very much!!