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Author Topic: First Contact  (Read 2870 times)

Offline Phelpster

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First Contact
« on: 14 April 2011 10:47 AM »
Well, this is where first contact with me would be initiated. :)

I've listened to Trek Radio for a few days and I'm growing to like it more.

As a huge trek fan I became engaged in STO as a life member not too long ago, got involved with a fleet named 'Fontana Foundation' an excellent Star Trek RP group.
One day I think I'll give radio/DJing a go, but not all people can understand my British accent. I'd have to work on keeping it slow and steady! :)
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Re: First Contact
« Reply #1 on: 15 April 2011 08:52 AM »
 Welcome aboard the UFP DevilFish Phelpster.

 By all means, get on board the DJ wagon. The audience here-abouts is world-wide and diversity is infinite.

 Would always be nice to hear new DJ's on TrekRadio.  :startrek095:
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