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Author Topic: G'Day All  (Read 872 times)

Offline GF_Aussie

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G'Day All
« on: 25 June 2010 12:11 PM »
Hi all,

My name is GF_Aussie, and I know I may not be the only Australian in these forums, but when I joined the RP fleet, Gemini Fleet, I was the only Australian there. Obviously at GF, I am known as Aussie.

I have been with Gemini Fleet since 2006, and I am now the Fleet Admiral. GF, has had it's ups and downs and at the moment it is a bit quiet, a lot of people have been working hard and have not had much time, but I'm hoping to change that, the quietness that is, I wouldn't want to stop someone from earning some money.

Enough of the recruitment speel, back to me. Like I said, I'm Australian, and had suffered through many years of receiving Star Trek episodes 2 years after airing in the states. (more like 1 year but who's counting). I have played quite a few Star Trek games and I have to say, Bridge Commander has to be my favourite.

Since just before last Easter I was finally able to upgrade my computer and I finally got STO. I have been hitting it pretty hard, if you ask my wife that is. Either way, Like most people, there are aspects we love and aspects we loath, but it is improving and I am enjoying it.

Well if you're ever in STO, my handle is Aussie1 (funnily enough) and Gemini Fleet is also represented there.

See you all around.

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Re: G'Day All
« Reply #1 on: 25 June 2010 03:41 PM »
 Good to hear from ya mate. Glad you could stop by and give us a rundown on Gemini Fleet.
I will look for you ingame when ever I can make it in...gotta make the money first ya know!!
 I am David Rogers(at)BLZBUB49 in the game.
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Re: G'Day All
« Reply #2 on: 25 June 2010 11:17 PM »
Good to see you around here! hope to see you among the Topics here on the site more!

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Re: G'Day All
« Reply #3 on: 26 June 2010 09:54 AM »
G'day Mate!   Welcome to the site - glad to see another person from "down under" relativly speaking of course :D