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Author Topic: Chase Masteron and Tim Russ on Star Trek Radio this week!  (Read 1977 times)

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Chase Masteron and Tim Russ on Star Trek Radio this week!
« on: 21 September 2010 10:56 AM »
Star Trek Voyager's Tim Russ (Tuvok) is joining us for a short interview this week, on Thursday 23rd September at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT for an interview about his recent experience on "Of Gods and Men" where he reprised his role as Tuvok, his experiences on Voyager, his current work and much more!

You can tune into that interview live on Thursday on our website at or


Celebrity Actor (and singer) Chase Masterson will be joining / for a interview on Saturday 25th September from 1pm PST (4pm EST / 9pm GMT)

Chase will be spending a couple of hours with us LIVE on the air to speak about her roles in Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Online and her other roles in Star Trek, including “Of Gods and Men”, her recent involvement with the Federation Fan Club, her experiences on the Star Trek Cruises and more!

Questions for Chase?

No Problem! If you have a question for Chase, please hit the “Reply” or “Leave Comment” button on this thread and post your question for consideration.

Alternativly, you can e-mail your question to “” with the subject “Chase Masterson Question” – you MUST include this subject otherwise your e-mail will be automatically deleted.

In addition, for those of you who have Skype – feel free to add “hailing.frequency” (typing Chase Masterson in the invite comments when you add us). If you have question for Chase, you may be invitied to come on the air and ask your question. Please note that you will be required to send us your question in advance on Skype Chat before you are brought on the air.

Tell all of your fellow Star Trek Fans – Chase Masterson on STO-Radio on Saturday 25th September from 1pm PST!


STO-Radio ( is part of the Star Trek Radio Network ( which is operated by Hailing Frequency. has over 30 DJs who provide of 120 hours of live radio content every week for your enjoyment - a nostalgic look back at 20th and 21st Century Music from the 1950s right upto 2010 and beyond, current news and information from around the Federation and indeed, the galaxy, news from the popular holodeck program "Star Trek Online" plus all of the best Audio Fictions and Podcasts - check out for our full station schedule!