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Author Topic: Should Movement Skills be Removed?  (Read 369 times)

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Should Movement Skills be Removed?
« on: 05 April 2018 03:11 AM »
Yes, Grinding Gear Games has just released Skill Revamps - Part 2 yesterday, and some players may have some different ideas with all two part of skill revamps, for example, Movement Skills, some people think it should be removed, and others believe it's doesn't matter.

And to address a few of the common calls/ideas I learn about removing movement skills or nerfing the great ones into the ground. This can't and will not happen at this time. GGG has addressed their response/method of power creep and one thing they have stated is the fact that at this time nerfing everything down (AOE, dmg etc) would feel terrible. A lot of the player is made of not all set to go from current speed/power to 1.X speeds, it might literally get rid of the game. Movement is an identical factor, when they ripped away peoples abilities to maneuver rapidly it might get rid of the pace the sport presently has and just what people expect. Boss mechanics, mob speed, projectile speed would really need to be adjusted since they're presently balanced for this. It is simply not realistic, the only real factor that you can do would be to bring all movement skills to some 'level' arena and then suggest light touch changes to slightly slow or affect the movement meta. They cannot be removed.

Movement skills really should be removed at this time for me. They are essential for boss fights (shaper/elder/some guardians) making general mapping considerably more effective. However, while you note, builds that can't rely on them (wands/staves) suffer greatly due to the design and necessity.

When preparing a build, you essentially have to determine what your primary attack is going to be, your movement skill. Spellcaster? Wands and staves are unthinkable as you have a movement skill to proc fortify and obtain you around. Two-hander? Ugh, guess you need to leap slam - the worst option. Anything else? shield charge if at all possible, whirling blades if you need to. Fortify is needed movement skills are needed to dodge slams.

I can not consider another auto technician that's absolutely needed - people play without existence steal, without regen (Vaal pact), with no CWDT immortal call, without certain auras, or with any element/chaos/physical setup. However, every build will need a mobility skill OR stupid high MS (from QotF) to actually function within the finished game. Playing kaom's roots without any movement skill just is not going to take place - you are likely to finish up eating shaper slams, as well as your obvious speed,  is going to be painful.

You realize if it's it's destined to be like: "All movement skills are in possession of charges along with a cooldown much like Flame Dash"

Kinda joking, To be sure with everything else you stated about Lightning warp and Flame Dash. Flame Dash is definitely my personal favorite movement ability since it feels so great to make use of however the 3 charge aspect causes it to be non-competitive. I'd much prefer that Lightning Warp and Flame Dash are introduced consistent with Shield Charge/WB/Leap.

Honestly, good quality pure "movespeed" abilities could be welcome too, much like Phase Run but maybe Flamewalk or something like that that simply increases runspeed having a flame trail. Or melee weapon only abilities like dodge roll or something like that which flat increases runspeed but prevents whirling or something like that. This will be beneficial to farm exalted orb and path of exile chaos orb, you will have a better way of making money in PoE, which would be really important to a player, because all people need money.

Or, which is a fairly wild idea so bear beside me. Wielding a Wand or Staff removes charge requirement from Flame Dash and provides default less duration to Lightning Warp?!

But many importantly, fortify shouldn't use pure melee mobility skills, WB, shield charge and leap slam. There is not an investment a person makes to obtain prepared using these actions, they're doing these actions to maneuver or move faster, why give them a break having a buff which was intended purely for melee attack builds?

Consequently, adjust fortify to become a jewel link people may use their primary links. If people wish to still get fortify, they will have to make use of a vigilant strike or any other attack and walk out their method of getting the buff, or play champion and go ahead and take node couple of people now take.

Consequently, they are able to introduce more lab enchants to permit individuals to bypass cooldowns and have greater mobility. Buying and selling damage or single target for much better movement.

So what're your opinions about the movement skill? please leave them below and I'd like to have a discussion with you guys.
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