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Author Topic: LIVE In-game radio for Star Trek online being spearheaded by HF's Kinneas  (Read 2933 times)

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  • Howdy, folks!
LIVE 24/7 In-game radio for Star Trek Online is being spearheaded by Kinneas (a.k.a. Tony Tuthill) who is now backed by a very experienced, popular and totally massive gaming radio network. An official announcement will be forthcoming.

Kinneas has been providing the 'Fleet Radio' segments for the Hailing Frequency pod cast since 1995 to promote radio and media in Star Trek Online as well as the new 'UFP Media Network' demos that have been played during the more recent Hailing Frequency shows.

One of the goals of a proposed station would be that it try and provide in-character radio content tailored specifically for the Star Trek Online player and listener to add to the immersion.

Other goals include work directly with Cryptic studios to use the in-game radio network to provide story-line and mission content as well as non-role play driven content like game news, developer interviews, talk-radio, etc.

Would you be interested in participating?
Kinneas has been the co-producer, co-host and artist for the Hailing Frequency podcast since 20055 and has helped to deliver much of the 'up to the moment' news and developer interviews for Star Trek Online in that time. Kinneas was also the cartoonist of the ST:Oned cartoon series that lampooned the initial years of the Star Trek Online development when it was in the hands of Perpetual Entertainment.

Most recently Kinneas has worked with YouTubes #1 most subscribed female, the 'Venetian Princess' (who knocked out Miley Cyrus a few weeks back). The video 'Speidi Free' has had over seven hundred thousand views in less than a week (See:   )

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Perhaps I might assist in this endeavor, if you wish. =)

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 That is spectacular news Kinneas! I had no idea that you had started back in 20055! :P That's like ... Star Date 17732908. heh heh

Seriously, I hope this carries through, as an in-game news network could be very beneficial to players and fleets.
 As an "in-character Radio" broadcast, would you be equally covering the Klingon faction side as much as the Federation faction side?
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I'd be in for that if you're casting on-air talent or need audio engineering or musician work; I've left Kinneas a message on facebook...
I miss being on internet radio and it would be a dream to do radio work for STO.

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Ive been told that HF isn't and wont be getting an in game radio station and that they are looking at someone else, MMOJunkies. What do you say?



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I wish.
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Love you all

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You don't have to wish - we did it - check out :-)