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Author Topic: Players Choice Awards 2009 - Nominations Begin!  (Read 2390 times)

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Players Choice Awards 2009 - Nominations Begin!
« on: 18 January 2010 09:01 PM »

In 2007, ChessMess, from the popular but now closed Star Trek Gaming site “” launched the first Star Trek Gaming Players Choice Awards ceremony which served to honour and celebrate the best aspects of Star Trek Gaming from all over the world. 

The event was a huge success attracting members of the Star Trek Gaming community to come together and vote for the best of the best and in January 2009, the 2nd Players Choice Awards commenced celebrating the best of Star Trek Gaming in 2008.

So it’s with great honour that here in January 2010, Hailing Frequency keeps the torch alight with the commencement of the 3rd Annual Star Trek Gaming Players Choice Awards!

There is no greater honour or accolade in the Star Trek Gaming Community than to be recognized by your fellow gamers/peers for your work and this year, we have more categories than ever to ensure that members from the entire community receive the credit they deserve!

For the next seven (7) days, you, as members of the Star Trek Gaming community, will be able to nominate your favourite Star Trek games, mods, models, clans, guilds, fan games, podcasts, video casts and more! 

If you are a member of one of the many Star Trek Gaming websites that exist, BC-Central, BCFiles, ArmadaFiles, ChrisJonesGaming, FleetOps...the list goes on - we'd appreciate you posting news about the awards on your website!


In order to make a nomination, all you have to do is post in the relevant threads that will be linked below, with your nominations. 

When posting, please include the name of your nomination and a link to its website. 

An example of an acceptable Nomination can be found at,2051.msg16592.html#msg16592

Once a game/mod/item within a category has received 3 individual nominations, it will receive an official “nominated” status and will be available for selection in the voting process which will commence shortly after the nominations stage finishes.

This year’s categories are:


The Nominations state of the Player Choice Awards 2009 will be open for 7 days as of this posting at which point nominations will be closed.  Voting/Polling areas will be opened up shortly afterwards and voting will run for a further 3 days. 

Winners will be announced shortly after voting finishes and certificates will also be presented.

To receive official an official “nominated” status, a given project/game/item must receive a total of three (3) individual nominations from at least three (3) different people.  Each individual may make one nomination per category.

Self nomination is allowed, though it is generally frowned upon and self voting is also allowed but generally frowned upon.

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