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Author Topic: Video from Infinite Space Available - Browser games boldy going.....  (Read 4161 times)

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When Star Trek: Infinite Space was announced in 2010, many people were quick to critize the decision to create a Star Trek games within the confines of a browser.  The main concerns that people voiced were related to graphics and gameplay; just how could you create a game with good graphics and good gameplay within browser window.

Infinite Space is being developed on the Unity3D engine, which, as Hailing Frequency pointed out several months ago, is a very powerful flash powered 3D engine for browsers. The engine is so powerful that companies such as EA Sports and Lucasarts have used it to release Tiger Woods and Lego Star Wars games respectivly.

In a video released yesterday on German TV channel 3-Sat, we got our first real look at Infinite Space……….and the results are truly groundbreaking.   In the video, we are able to see full 3D environments, ample customization options, both 3rd-person ground play

With a 7 figure budget (into the millions of euros range), Infinite Space is looking like its going to be the success that everyone has been so skeptical about – truly taking browser based gaming boldy where it has not gone before! If you do not believe us, check out the video below.  Note: The video is in german but has english subtitles.  (view video in thread at

In addition, we have created a gallery of images from Infinite Space, including from the video which you can view at

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The game looks awesome.   I am the type to "wow" and "whoa" when playing a game ... getting lost in the creativity of the graphics or humor, etc., sometimes to the point that I forget I am in a battle or being fired upon.   I know. I know.  I already have made peace with myself that I will never be asked to be on anyone's team ... lol.    So, whenever I am given the opportunity to see those responsible for creating such wonders, I become even more attached to it. 

It interested me that the staff were using 2 monitors (not a dual monitor but 2 separate monitors) setup almost identically in a soft inverted V.    Was this done because everyone finds this slant to be the best for viewing?   Or, is there an obsessive-compulsive staff member (like the TV character, Monk) who goes around adjusting everyone's monitors?  I also noticed everyone using both hands while they worked, as if they were all ambidextrous.  I realized that probably gamer's brains have adapted, with new pathways, and they have more ability to use both hands at once.   It is probably a skill we didn't even realize we now have.

I look forward to the game and more videos like this.
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