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Author Topic: Champions Online minimum specs. known  (Read 1832 times)

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Re: Champions Online minimum specs. known
« Reply #10 on: 11 July 2009 05:09 PM »
Acidrain, I think you might be forgetting that we'll still want the game running smoothly when you're in the middle of a battle with dozens of ship around.

I understand what you are saying, however and while iam perhaps going back on what i said about the cartoonist of the game and being an MMO it shouldn't have high end specs, why because if you want the max amount of players you will not have it on such an high end. Heck, 2g is nothing these days but as i wrote so quickly above and left out that iam not impressed with in game screenshot, the space shots on the other hand look like something different than the others but still iam starting to have my doubts about this game when it comes to how chessy it is starting to look in regards to the cartoonist look to it. I thought the game screenshots would look alot better, but i haven't seen anything other than pretty pictures to take away from those critisim of these cartoonist images they keep releasing.

Also, if you are claiming about that this game will require and 8800 or above, the graphics should look a hell of alot better than what iam seeing. Iam playing ARMA 2 and beta that is along the lines of ARMA as well, in an MMO environment and it requires 8800, 2g and 2.5 CPU and above and it looks an feels and much more in an real life warzone.

It is my opinion, that unless i see something improve you will have another ST title flop on its head. If iam wrong iam wrong, but another IP that we see looks like sh!t is Stargate Worlds.