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Author Topic: Competition - Win one of 3 copys of Star Trek Online: Digital Deluxe Edition!  (Read 17773 times)

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I suggest an art contest next!


Or a Star Trek Haiku off...

What would Star Trek be
if not for the simple joy
held in one catch phrase

Beam me up Scotty
Fascinating, He's dead Jim
Most Illogical

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But to confirm though, the rules changed on the 9th, so those of us who submitted prior are fine with our longer entries and weren't disqualified, whatever the outcome?

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Personally, I just wish I'd seen the first version of the contest rather than the second before I started writing. I ended up with almost 1000 words, and that's when I had already axed half the story to try to fit within the limit! It's a fun challenge, though, to convey a story in such a short space.

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So mine came in at just under 900 words, submitted prior to the added in word limit. ^.^; Since Wulf posted his, thought I'd do the same. ^_^

Tactical: Captain, we are being scanned...
Captain: From the planet?
Tactical: I can't tell, Ca--
Suddenly the ship lurches, nearly knocking everyone from their stations. The Red Alert sounds throughout the ship and the Captain turns to look back at his Tactical officer.
Captain: What the HELL was that?!
Tactical: We've been locked in a tractor beam and it's pulling us away from the third planet.
Captain: Where is it coming from?
Science: The...11th planet, sir.
The ship lurched again when the tactical officer managed to free the ship, the officer at the helm beginning to move the ship forward.
Captain: The 11th planet?
Science: Aye captain...but I can get...
Tactical: CAPTAIN! Massive energy readings coming from the 11th planet! It's powering up a huge weapon!

Captain: Motherfu---HELM! Evasive maneuvers! NOW!
Tactical: Planet is firing!
Helm: Evasive maneuvers!
The helm officer worked frantically as the planet's beam cleaved its way through space...and through the end of the port nacelle. Explosions raced along the nacelle and sparks flew from consoles over the bridge. The captain gripped the arms of his chair as other bridge officers held tight to their consoles in an attempt to keep from being thrown.
Tactical: The weapon hit our port Nacelle! It went straight through our shields!
Helm: Warp is offline!
Ops: Engineering is reporting casualties, sir. Our port nacelle has taken massive damage.
The Captain grit his teeth. This was not what he had expected when he came in to explore the system.
The Captain rose to his feet. "Hail the habitable planets!"
Ops: Channel open, sir.
Captain: This is Captain Christopher Hale of the Federation Starship Liberty! We mean you no harm! Planet please respond, we are a science vessel on a mission of mercy! Repeat...we mean you no harm! Please stand down your weapons!
The seconds ticked by. The Captain was on edge, he wasn't sure whether they were going to get their answer in words or with another attack. The Tactical officer continued to monitor the 11th planet while the crew watched the viewscreen with baited breath.
Ops: Captain...we're being hailed.
The Captain exhaled slowly and sat back down in his command chair. "On screen."
The alien that appeared on the screen stared at the Captain. The alien had a dog-like muzzle with a ridge of sharp spines running along the center of its face and up along the middle of its head. The alien was covered in short fur. Two large horns rose from its head and curled down and around its pointed ears to point forward.
Alien: We are the Arriak. You are in our space!
Captain: We meant you no harm. Our sensors picked up the Borg and we came to investigate and see if we could lend aid if needed.
Alien: We have repelled the Borg.
"I can see that," the captain said wryly. "We mean you no harm. We are from the United Federation of Planets. We are not here to conquer or assimilate. We aim to live peacefully with other species."
Alien: We have disabled your vessel. You could not conquer us.
The Captain just barely stopped himself from making a face or making a sarcastic remark. The last thing he needed was to piss this alien off.
Captain: We are interested in coexisting peacefully. Please, give us a chance.
The Alien regarded the Captain suspiciously.
Alien: We have never trusted outsiders. We do not like them. But I will give you a chance, Captain. Just remember...we can easily destroy you, and we will not hesitate should you give us cause.
Captain: Thank you. I will need to contact my people. They will send someone to speak with you and to aid our vessel. Will you allow another vessel to aid us?
Alien: I shall allow it.
The Captain nodded. "Thank you. What may we call you?"
Alien: I am the leader of this planet. You may call me Ruler Arriak.
The Captain nodded slowly. "Again, thank you, Ruler Arriak. We shall be in contact...
The Arriak ruler nodded and the viewscreen went blank. The Captain slumped in his chair and let out a loud breath.
Helm: Well, he was just a great big ball of sunshine wasn't he?
The Captain laughed wryly and rubbed the bridge of his nose.
Captain: Ops, contact Starfleet Command and apprise them of our situation. Get damage and casualty reports from all decks. And tell them to send only ONE SHIP. One. Last thing we need is for these people to feel threatened.
Tactical: No 'censored'.
Ops: Aye, sir.
The Captain shot his tactical officer a look. But he was thinking the same thing so he let it slide.
Captain: We can't do anything until we hear back from Starfleet and they arrive. Cancel Red Alert. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my Ready Room. Number one, you have the conn.
Ops: Aye, sir.
The Captain rose and went to his Ready Room. They could do nothing until Starfleet arrived, and once they did it would be in the hands of the diplomats. Hopefully...they wouldn't piss the Arriak off. He didn't want to die a sitting duck.
Though, he made a promise to himself: if the Borg went running from another star system, he sure as HELL wouldn't be the one going to investigate why.

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Personally, I just wish I'd seen the first version of the contest rather than the second before I started writing. I ended up with almost 1000 words, and that's when I had already axed half the story to try to fit within the limit! It's a fun challenge, though, to convey a story in such a short space.

It really is.  That's why I took the aftermath/memory approach. 

Most people don't have a eidetic memory, so you can skip a lot of the detail and minutia and the minute to minute events. 

When you're reminiscing, you don't remember what colour the hair was on the crewman you passed in the hall.  It's all about big ideas and big events.
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Good strategy, Wulf. In hindsight, I wish I'd gone for humor rather than a serious story. I think humor is easier to get across than pathos in a short format, and it stands out more in a crowd. Nothing to be done about it now, though!

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I think it's funny how great minds think alike...

With over 200 entries, I thought I'd post mine as well so it didn't feel like a wasted effort :)

Captains Log Stardate 63555.1 - We have just entered a Star System that Long Range Sensor scans show was recently abandoned by The Borg.  It is not known why the Borg left the system, so we have come here to investigate. End Log.

Helm: We are approaching the system captain.

Captain: Drop us out of warp and engage impulse engines.  Begin Scanning...

Science: Scans show that the system has 11 planets captain, The 3rd, 4th and 5th planets are in the stars habitable zone. The 6th planet is Class-L, the 1st and 2nd planets are very close to the Star and contain high amounts of heavy metals and the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th planets are all Gas Giants........Sir, I cannot get a reading on the 11th planet, something is interfering with our scans, some kind of directed interference from inside the system.

Captain:  Hmmm - 3 planets in the Habitable zone - that's very interesting. Helm - lay in a course to the 3rd planet, lets start there.

Helm: Aye Sir....Entering orbit in 15 seconds.

Communications: Sir, I'm picking up high levels of radio frequency transmissions coming to and from the planets surface. They are transmitting in the ultra-high frequency range and I should be able to pick out...

The ship suddenly comes to a full stop

Captain: What's going on!

Helm: Sir! We've just lost power to the engines!

Science: We've also lost sensors, sir.

Captain: Engineering! Status report!

Engineering (over comm): Something interfering with the main systems. Looking to reroute power now, but systems are unresponsive.

Captain: What's our position?

Science: Given we have no scanners, I can only estimate that we had just entered the system.

Captain: Comm, what's the status on that signal?

Comm: Sir, It's a UHF frequency but something is embedded- I can't separate the signals without the main systems up.

Captain: We still have long range comm?

Comm: ...No sir. Only short range channels are still open.

Captain: I don't like this. We're sitting ducks here...Get me a visual on the main screen.

On the screen, a graveyard of Borg ships surrounds the 11th planet. It's surface gleans like metal.

Captain: what the...

Science: If I had to guess, that planet is of artificial construct sir. Whatever is shutting down our systems also affected the Borg ships the same way. Hopefully our captors can designate friend from foe.

Comm: Incoming transmission sir.

Captain: Put it on.

(over the speakers): Federation vessel, you have entered peaceful space. For that, you cannot be allowed to leave with your vessel of war.

Captain: This is Captain Farrell of the USS Adalaide. We were investigating the Borg presence in your system. If you have the means to...

(over the speakers): We have the means to maintain peace. Soon we will bring peace to all.

Captain: Peace to all?

Helm: Sir, on screen! Look!

On the screen, the telltale streams of missiles head toward the Federation vessel

Captain: Shields Up!

Helm: No response sir!

Captain: Brace for impact!

(over the speakers) We bring peace. We are peace...

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Chilling ending.  :startrek012:

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here's mine also, narrative is not really my style - so I stuck with what I know, that being 3rd person :)

Hope it goes down well!


Captain McKenna turned to his First Officer Slade Williams. “You’ll be beaming down there at your first available opportunity. Choose your Away Team and assemble in transporter room three.”

“Aye, captain.” Williams stood, tugging his shirt straight he made for the turbo-lift calling his team together as he went not hearing the conversation that began once he was gone.

“Sir, are you sure Commander Williams-”

“I will not hear this kind of talk about my second in command so publicly, Ensign.”

“Apologies, Captain. I meant no disrespect, it’s just that the closer we’ve gotten to this system, the more erratic his behaviour.”

“I am well aware you all know the Commanders rather unusual back-ground, but that is not enough to doubt where his loyalties lie. Commander Williams has fought and won many battles against the Borg.” The Ensign who raised the issue nodded and turned back to her post but still the ill feeling remained.


Upon a deserted field a warm wind blew but it did not affect the particles of light that twinkled, slight vibrations filled the immediate area with the now common sound associated with the arrival of the Away Team.

As soon as they had fully materialized Commander Lewis was scanning the area, Tricorder in hand. Lieutenant Commander Lo’gahn followed close to Williams. An effeminate looking alien who possessed neither male or female reproductive organs yet seemed to have a fondness  for the male members of the crew. He was well versed in the arts of combat and was the ships Chief of Security. The other three consisted of two members of security and an engineer, Lieutenant McCoy.

While most of the team went about their duties, Williams simply stood there, eyes closed. The inactive Borg device above his left brow itched and his hand went to it in a futile attempt to soothe the skin beneath. Whispers he heard before while fighting the Borg collective, filling his head.

“But…there‘s no Borg…” He muttered doubling over. Lo’gahn was still there now hailing the Gallant. In a spilt second he and the security chief were back in the transporter room. The sound was gone, he could think clearly again and somehow he possessed new information, though more likely it was information long since buried when he had been saved from the collective.

“Captain, we need to leave.”

“Report, Commander.”

“There’s no time!” The lights flickered, the effect was ship wide. While McKenna didn’t know the full story he trusted Williams.

“Ensign, you heard the Commander.”

“Aye, sir.” Although she tried, warp was not possible. “Sir the interference from before is now affecting our engines.”

The Captain stood to check the helm. “Commander, do you know what’s causing this?”

“I’m afraid I do sir. It’s the civilization who granted the Borg their technology, I don’t know how I know but…“

“But what can we do?”

“Nothing, sir. Not even the Borg can stop them. They had to leave or be wiped out, but, they’ve sensed me sir. They think we’re in league with the Borg. Their enemy!” The ship began to buckle and tip, the engines keeping the Gallant in orbit failing and the gravity of the planet below was slowly pulling her down. But the more immediate threat was the swarm of ships cascading past the crippled vessel. All one-tenth of the size of the Gallant but their collision was like shrapnel tearing through flesh.

They were blown out of the sky every scrap was salvaged and used within the swarm as it now started the long journey into federation space.

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I had emailed in my story just after the date turned to the 9th, I hope they took my story because I had no clue they added a word count.  Either way, I'll post mine as well for, I hope, a good read for you all.

Captain: Begin scans of the planet.

Science: Sir, all I'm reading is Borg technology, everywhere.  There's enough vegetation other planetary requirements to
sustain an atmosphere, but no life-forms, not even Borg life-signs.

Captain: Tactical, raise shields.  That would explain why we approached the planet with no resistance, but why?  How can
there be no Borg life-signs? 

Science: There is no apparent explanation that I can give with the data present.

Captain: Speculation?

Science: Something, or someone, has killed the Borg on this planet.

Captain: I need a better answer then that T'Nor. Commander Samuels, prepare an away team.  I want you to go down to the
surface and see what you can find.  T'Nor, is the technology still active?

Science: Yes sir.

Captain: Good, Samuels, you should be able to access their data nodes, take Yuree from engineering.

Commander: Aye sir, we'll figure out what is going on.

Science: Captain, we're still receiving interference from somewhere in the system.  I've been able to determine that it's
not coming from either of the planets here in the habitable zone. It must be on the other side of the system closer to the
11th planet.

Captain:  Break through that interference T'Nor, I want to know what is out there.  Commander, report.

***On the surface of the 3rd planet***

Commander: This is the best find the federation has come across in a decade, sir.  With the information and technology down
here,we could make our fleet strong enough to keep both the Romulans and Klingons at bay.

Captain: I'm sure R & D will agree with you, though, we have more to fear from the Klingons at the moment.  The Romulans are
still split in half.  Has there been any indication yet as to the cause of the Borg deaths?

Commander: According to Engineer Yuree and Medic Lokar, they appear to have been killed by a nano-virus.  One similar to the
one Janeway used just before she returned from the Delta Quadrant. 

Captain: How? There has been more than enough time to assimilate and adapt to that virus.

Yuree: It's different somehow, sir.  I just need more time to analyze it.  This could be an even bigger find than the technology
left down here.

Captain: Agreed, secure a sample, and bring it up to the lab, you'll have all the science and engineering personell support you
need to figure it out.

Yuree: Aye, sir!

Captain: Commander, keep looking around and see if there's anything else going on.

Commander: Aye, sir. We're heading towards the central chamber, Samuels out.

***Back on the ship - The captain is now helping T'Nor deal with the interferance at the science station***

Science: Captain, I think we are getting somewhere.  The interference is not gone, but I have been able to establish its source.  Apparently there is a set of artificial satelites around the 11th planet generating a scattering field.  I can not tell you exactly what they are, but they appear to be of Borg origin.

Captain: Dead Borg down here, Borg tech out there, and a Federation ship sitting in the middle of it all.  How are we not being
assimilated as we speak?

Science: I can not give you a logical answer, Captain.  This is quite a-typical of natural Borg behavior; it seems their
priorities have changed.

Con: Sir!! Borg scout ship approaching, passing the 4th planet!

Captain: Red alert!  Hail Commander Samuels, tell him to be ready to beam up in a hurry on my signal.

***The Captain takes his chair and watches the Borg ship creep closer, expecting the typical "greeting"***

Con: We're being hailed, Captain.

Captain: On screen.

***A singular drone appears on the screen, speaking in a singular, Borg like voice***

2 of 3: State your intentions, this is not Federation territory.

Captain: I am Captain Dillon of the USS Trinity, who are you?

2 of 3: I am designated 2 of 3.  State your intentions.

Captain: We are investigating why the Borg appeared to have left this system, though, apparently we were wrong, you are here. 
Why have you not attempted to assimilate us?

2 of 3: We are no longer "one" with the collective.  Our thoughts are our own, we have no desire to assimilate.


Science: Captain, this may be part of the group of Drones that Seven of Nine and the USS Voyager helped free from the
collective, though the dream state of Unimatrix 0-1.

2 of 3: The Vulcan is correct. We are free.

Captain: Can you tell me why all the Borg on the planet are dead?

2 of 3: They are "one" with the collective, we destroyed them.

Captain: How? Surely your vessel is not powerful enough to take on an entire planet of Drones and the ships they would have had.

2 of 3: We are not alone.

***Suddenly the Science officer detected that the interference dissapeared***

Science: Captain! The interferance is gone.  I am now detecting the, wait!  The planet is breaking up, all I
am detecting are Borg ships.  A massive fleet of ships!

***Hail from the surface***

Commander: Captain, we have the information we came for, and some souveniers for Starfleet.  Ready to come aboard.

Captain: Stand ready.

***Speaking again to 2 of 3***

Captain: I trust you will not try to destroy us too if I lower my shields?

2 of 3: Your existance is irrelevant.  You are not a threat.

Captain: Transporter room 1, we're lowering the shields, beam up the away team.  Tactical, lower shields.

Tactical: Aye, sir.

2 of 3: Remain where you are, my brothers call for me.

***The viewscreen goes blank...Commander Samuels walks on to the bridge a moment later***

Commander: Sir, what we found on that planet is incredible, and one thing very strange.  According to the data we collected
the primary communication node to the collective was destroyed, not long before the drones began to die.

***The Captain hears his words, and only points his arm to the view screen, which now shows a trail of cubes and spheres
heading towards the planet***

Commander: What is going on, Captain?

Captain:  Meet...the Borg resistance.  They are the ones responsible for the death of the drones on the planet. 

Commander: I thought the virus was responsible.

Captain: Probably their doing, these are no ordinary drones.  The one we talked to even said "I".

Commander: "I"? Fascinating.

Captain: Now you sound like our resident Vulcan.

Science: He sounds nothing like me, Captain, he is too....emotional.

Commander: You are only a quarter Vulcan yourself T'Nor.

Science: But I still have the ears...

***The bridge crew begin to laugh at T'Nor's remark, but are interrupted by the reappearance of 2 of 3***

2 of 3: Humans, your existance is threatened.  Leave this area immediately, or you may become assimilated.

Captain: I thought you were no longer interested in assimilation, and that our existance was, how did you put it..."irrelevant"?

2 of 3: My words are the truth.  The collective is coming to retake their solar system.

Commander: Red alert! Conn, set a course out of the system.

Captain: Belay that order.  2 of 3, we can help you fight.

2 of 3: We have scanned your ship, our technology is superior to yours.  The Collective is superior as well, you will be

Captain: There is one weapon we have not activated that you missed.

2 of 3: Clarify.

Captain: Tactical, bring the trans-phasic torpedoes online.  2 of 3, you were separated from the Collective when they learned
we had this weapon, but I assure you, one or two will destroy any Borg vessel we target.

2 of 3: That is not possible, your technology is inferior to ours.

Conn: Sir, dozens of trans-warp conduits have opened up just outside the system!  More Borg on the way!

Captain: I will prove it to you, and then maybe you will see we are not as "inferior" as you assume.  You never know, both your
resistance and our Federation may benefit if we became friends. We have our own enemies, but there are a lot of Borg coming this
 way, learn to trust us.

2 of 3: Perhaps.

***2 of 3 ends transmission and the view returns to space again, and the resistance fleet moving to intercept the Collective
force.  Captain Dillon's entire bridge crew waits, looking at him for his next order***

Captain: If ever there was a time to find a friend in all of this conflict, now is as good as any.

Commander: Aye, sir, I don't think you'll hear any resistance from us.

Captain: That would be futile Commander, that would be futile.  All hands, this is the Captain, battle stations, I repeat,
battle stations!

***The USS Trinity speeds after the Resistance fleet.  The star of the solar system slowly peaks over the top of the 3rd
planet just as the USS Trinity fires a spread of trans-phasic torpedoes, entering a battle for freedom that may just change
the galaxy...forever.***