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Author Topic: New STO Trailer featuring Zachary Quinto, Pre-order Information and more!!  (Read 2777 times)

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Just a few days ago, it was announced on the G4TV video game awards that Zachary Quinto would be THE voice for Star Trek Online, however, it was not announced in what capacity he would be participating in the game - would it be just a marketing move or would he actually be providing voice overs inside the game itself?

Well, the answer to that question has been provided in the form of the latest Star Trek Online video trailer: (view the video on our YouTube channel at

Star Trek Online | Zachary Quinto Trailer

With Star Trek Online already shaping up to be an awesome game, this truly is just the icing on the cake for some of us.

Slew of Pre-Order Information Released

Cryptic Studios have released a slew of information about the pre-orders for Star Trek Online, including where you can pre-order, what bonuses you will get from each retailer, details on the bonuses themselves and how they will affect your gameplay, and a series of FAQs for those of us who have questions about pre-ordering. - For a list of where you can pre-order - For information on the pre-order bonuses - For FAQs relating to the pre-ordering.

New Interviews

There were a tonne of new interviews and features released on Tuesday - check them out:

    * TenTonHammer's crafting interview with Lead Designer Al Rivera.
    * Craig and Jack's letters to Santa on TenTonHammer.
    * MMORPG's character customization preview.
    * STOked's video interview with Producer Daniel Stahl.
    * Playhard's interview with Jack Emmert.
    *'s interview with Craig.
    * Gamereactor's interview with Daniel Stahl. (Google translate version.)
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Fascinating!  His voice will be on every Federation ship in the game! Too cool!  :startrek078:
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