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Author Topic: Submit your questions for upcominginteriview w/ Craig, Rekhan, Kestrel, Gozer  (Read 2358 times)

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We at Hailing Frequency will be conducting an audio interview with 4 members of the STO Dev team this week for inclusion in our special Christmas Show which will be releasing next week.

We will be interviewing:

Craig Zinkevich (Executive Producer)
Christine Thompson (Kestrel)
Joe Blancato (Rekhan)
and Dan Griffis (Gozer).

We have a bunch of great questions lined up for them so far, however we wanted to give the community a chance to send in some questions.

If you have any questions for these team members, you can either:

 - Post Them in this topic
 - E-Mail them to
 - Send them in audio format to

Questions should be STO related, serious, no specific topics, just ask what you wanna know and we will sort them later.

If you want your question to be directed at a specific team member, let me know.

Deadline for this is Wednesday at 11.59pm PST.

Thanks everyone!

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I am the head of intelligence for the 4th fleet, United Federation of Planets.

I would like to know if it will be possible to have alliances with other fleets. I would also like to know whether it will be possible to create groups of fleets where all the fleets in the group are allied with each other(e.g. League of Fleets). In addition, assuming groups are possible, how would that work? Would you be able to apply to a group?

Thank you,

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