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Author Topic: New STO Viral Site allows Klingon Tweets + Ship Interiors, New Videos and More!  (Read 6184 times)

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Cryptic Studios have launched a brand new website dedicated to Star Trek Online which allows you to tweet in Klingon!

FOr those of you who may not know, both Champions Online and the upcoming Star Trek Online allow you to tweet from in game, and it seems that Cryptic are taking it one step further at

Simply enter your message, in English, log into your Twitter Account when prompted, and your message will then be translated into Klingon!

It almost sounds too good to be true, but when we entered "Greetings from the Crew of "Hailing Frequency"" the message was translated too "vo' beq vo' "rI'lI' Se'"

Check it out at

A Look at the STO Collectors Edition

When Star Trek Online is released on February 2nd, there will be both a standard edition and a collectors edition.  Today, we got a good first look at the contents of the collectors edition from GameSpot.

(You must be logged in to view this image)

I think we can safetly agree that this falls into the "uber cool" category, so if you want everything that you see above, you'd best get your collectors edition pre-ordered.  The Standard Edition of STO will retail for $39.99 while the collectors edition will be at $79.99

A detailed look at Player Ship Bridges

For over a year now, fans have been collectivly crying about the decision not to include player ship interiors (PSIs) in Star Trek Online.  It was in fact a controversial decision and despite the community outcry, Cryptic seemed to want to stick to their guns.

So when, just a couple of weeks ago, Cryptic Studios announced that Player Ship Interiors WOULD be included with Star Trek Online at launch on February 2nd, everyone, including us here at Hailing Frequency, pretty much fell of their seats.

Not much information was provided with the press release announcing this in the Associated Press website, however Cryptic Studios have remedyed this now with an article on (

Click to Enlarge

Quote from:
“You work with the players,” Zinkievich noted. Where exactly they expand first after launch will in large part be determined both by what players tell them and what they actually do in the game. If there’s a demand, of course more interiors will be added. It’s what got them on the launch feature list in the first place, after all.

The Bridges of STO will be larger than those of the show, which Zinkievich described as a necessity of a 3D video game. The fact is, they want people to be able to bring their friends in. The limit on the exact number of characters in a bridge will be based mostly off “what looks good.” Those they showed me seemed to strike a balance between that necessary size without losing the feeling of what made Bridges cool.

Naturally, the bridge serves as a control hub for the ship. UI elements from the general game will be accessible from within the bridge at logical locations. However, at least to begin, they have no plans to let people fight or actually pilot their ship from the inside. It’s far more akin to player housing than a different way to play the game.

Aside from other players, the bridge will of course be fully be populated by the NPC crew people have earned throughout the game.

The crew members have become an integral part of every aspect of the game. In space, they provide access to special abilities that could make the difference between victory and defeat. On land, their phasers are there with you in every scenario.

Click to Enlarge

Check out for the full article.

Latest Videos

Since the release of Champions Online, it seems there has been a new video almost every week for Star Trek Online.

This week, a new video was released over on giving us a look at how Fleet Actions will work.

IGN Video: Star Trek Online PC Games Behind the Scenes (Promo) - Fleet Action

If you have missed the other videos to be released over the last few weeks, here is a rundown of them and where you can watch:

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Starship Tactics Part 2 (HD) - Star Trek Online | Starship Tactics Part 2 Trailer HD
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 Heh heh...

jIH rur rI'lI' Se'! 'oH reH ghajtaH Hov leng Online mu' maH tlhob
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Those translations make me sad; fortunately there is some real Klingon tweeting going on }};-D

Anyhow:  Nice update!
...or should I say:  De'vam chu' Daja'chu'ta' !  Qapla' ! { You reported this news perfectly!  Success! }
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