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Author Topic: New Raidisodes to be released today (Feb 25th 2010)  (Read 3299 times)

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New Raidisodes to be released today (Feb 25th 2010)
« on: 25 February 2010 03:28 PM »
Today, 23 days after the official launch of Star Trek Online, comes the first new mini-batch of missions/episodes for the game, designed for high end players of level 40 or above.

4 new missions are being added into the game, which focus around the Borg and their storyline.  In addition, 1 additional new mission deals with the escape of Amar Singh, a genetasist that players captured fairly early in the game, who was trying to create a new round of genetically engineering Augments.

You can see a trailer for the new missions on our YouTube at or view the video below.

We also have details for each of the new missions - so read on!

Star Trek Online | New Raidisodes Trailer - Feb 2010

STF: Infected

Starfleet has lost contact with one of its star bases. More than 400 officers could be lost, including a key member of Starfleet's Borg Task Force. Infiltrate the base and take the fight to the Borg!

  • Retake the Sibiran system and shut down a transwarp conduit being used by the Borg to establish a foothold in the Gamma Orionis Sector Block.
  • Investigate the strange new nanovirus the Borg are using to assimilate entire worlds at alarming speeds.
  • Retake Starbase 89 before its fully taken over by the Borg, and save what is left of the Starfleet personnel that are still there.
  • Locate Captain Ogenís Strike Team and Rebecca Simmons, the lead Borg Task Force researcher working on a cure for the nanovirus. Both went deep into the Borg infected starbase and havenít reported back in quite some time.
  • Itís a five-man mission. Players will not be able to complete it without teaming up with other players.
  • The mission spans space and ground gameplay.
  • Applies to level 43 +
  • Encounters are daunting. Lots of enemies. Designed to be challenging.
  • Releases this month.

STF: The Cure

The Klingon Defense Force has been conducting its own investigation into the Borg advance, and they believe that the Collective's next target is the Vorn system. Enemies may have to unite when confronted by a greater foe.

  • Assist the I.K.S. Kang in a desperate battle with the Borg.
  • Explore a planet that has been completely assimilated. Can you rescue the warriors before they are taken over by the Borg?
  • Fight at the side of Ja'rod, son of Lursa.
  • Free Klingon ships from Borg control, and gain their assistance in a final battle with a Borg fleet.

STF: Khitomer Accord

Finally, the mysteries of the Borg attack on Vega Colony are revealed! Why did the Borg attack there, and how was an unprepared Starfleet able to defeat them?

  • Confront the Borg before they can use temporal anomalies to change the past of the Federation.
  • Warp back into your own past, in the hours before the attack on Vega Colony.
  • Discover a base where thousands of Borg drones are being held in stasis. What are the Borg's plans for this hidden army?
  • Starfleet's not ready for the Borg. A defeat here could mean that the entire Alpha Quadrant falls. Balance the scales and fight the Borg for the preservation of the quadrant.
  • Learn the fate of a missing Romulan empress.

STF: Into the Hive

The fate of the Alpha Quadrant hangs in the balance. Enter a unicomplex and confront the Borg Queen herself.

  • Rescue civilians trapped on an assimilated world.
  • Follow the trail to a unicomplex, and penetrate deep into the Borg stronghold.
  • Confront the Borg Queen, and fight for the fate of the galaxy.

STF: Children of Khan

Amar Singh escapes from Federation custody, and he and an underground group of Augments steal the U.S.S. Asgard and race toward the remains of the Mutara Nebula. Can you stop them before they start a new Eugenics War?

  • Fight a fleet assembled by Princep Khan and his followers.
  • Beam onto the Asgard, and battle through its corridors to save civilians and crew.
  • Confront the Princep. Can you deal with his transporter tricks?
  • Save the divided Asgard and give the saucer section a chance to escape!