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Author Topic: Ship of the Line - Starfleet Vigilant Class  (Read 1668 times)

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Ship of the Line - Starfleet Vigilant Class
« on: 14 August 2009 03:08 PM »
Cryptic Studios have posted a brand new ship of the line update giving us a look at the Vigilant Class which was launched in the year 2394.

The Vigilant Class follows closely on from the Defiant Class Lineage with a very similar look and feel to the ship.  Being over a decade newer however, the ship is state of the art compared to the vastly outdated Defiant Class and therefore packs the largest punch ever seen on a Starfleet Vessel of this size.

Class Specifications


    * Overall Length: 180 meters
    * Overall Draft: 32 meters
    * Overall Beam: 136 meters
    * Displacement: 115,600 metric tons

Defensive Systems:

    * Reinforced Deflector Shield Generators
    * Dual Ablative Armor

    * Cruising: Warp Factor 7
    * Maximum: Warp Factor 9.5

Offensive Systems:

    * Fore and Aft Type XII Phaser Arrays
    * Fore and Aft Torpedo Launchers
    * Phaser Cannons

Tactical Escort; Commissioned 2394

After the success of the Defiant class in the Dominion War, it was clear that small, heavily-armed starships had a role to play in Starfleet.

Production on these warships diminished in the 2380s in favor of exploration and multi-purpose vessels, and several prototypes were abandoned in the planning stages. In the early 2390s, however, tensions with the Klingon Empire and the Romulans were on the rise and Starfleet Command looked once again for ships capable of holding their own in battle that didn't require the commitment of crew and resources of a larger vessel. The first of the new class of ships was the Vigilant.

With a design inspired by the Defiant class, the Vigilant is designed for one thing: combat. It has limited space for crew and no quarters designed for families or guests, a feature that is standard on Starfleet vessels assigned to long explorations. Also missing are many of the comforts common to Federation vessels, including recreational facilities and lounge areas. A multi-purpose space provides room for both relaxation and physical training.

The Vigilant's small size can be used to its advantage. It is fast and maneuverable, able to turn quickly to fire a torpedo salvo or present its strongest shield to an enemy. It is ideal for pursuing raiders or defending a larger vessel, and Starfleet has leaned heavily on the Vigilant class and its sister ships, the Defiant and the Gallant, to protect convoys in contested areas or track pirates to their bases.

What the Vigilant lacks in size it more than makes up for in power and defense. Two layers of ablative armor protect the Vigilant, and its reinforced shield generators can be modified to protect against different types of energy weapons. It packs a powerful punch both fore and aft, and can be outfitted with tetryon, plasma or polaron weapons. Some Vigilants have been outfitted with quantum torpedoes, although they are not standard to the class.

In combat, the Vigilant's weapons can be boosted for a massive attack against a single enemy, or configured to fire at multiple opponents. Highly-trained Vigilant crews also have been known to use shuttles to board an enemy craft and sabotage it, or to send teams to gather intelligence about a foe.

New technology standard to the Vigilant class include improved phaser coils that generate more energy than previous models and an advanced torpedo guidance system.

Vigilant class ships are often chosen by captains who want to be on the front lines of battle, but aren't as concerned about scientific research or

"We hit hard and we hit fast," said Captain Louisa Mendoza-Perez of the U.S.S. Vigilant. "I command the finest warship in the fleet. Diplomacy is for the politicians."

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Re: Ship of the Line - Starfleet Vigilant Class
« Reply #1 on: 14 August 2009 10:06 PM »
I like it. It seems a worthy design to take over the mantle of Starfleet's 'biggest stick' from the Defiant-class 'escorts', or as I call them, the Federation Birds-of-Prey. ;)

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Re: Ship of the Line - Starfleet Vigilant Class
« Reply #2 on: 17 August 2009 03:09 AM »
Ah, its ok but it is again i have point out that it looks allot like some of the fan work that is out there.

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Re: Ship of the Line - Starfleet Vigilant Class
« Reply #3 on: 18 August 2009 04:28 AM »
 More of a Defiant class re-fit than anything totally new to the fleet, imo.
 And very streamlined also. Like the Defiant class, obviously intended for atmospheric transit. Could use a bit more on the defencive systems though...
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