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Author Topic: Star Trek Online Newsbytes: July 15th - July 26th  (Read 848 times)

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Star Trek Online Newsbytes: July 15th - July 26th
« on: 26 July 2009 08:23 PM »
Its been another busy period for Star Trek Online, so we are once again condensing everything down into one report covering the period from July 15th until July 26th 2009.

The Path to 2409: 2390

A timeline update was recently posted on the Star Trek Online Website covering the year 2390.  Alot of interesting things occur during this period so its well worth a read - check out for the full article.

Craig Talks Abrams, Romulus With ZAM

There has been a tonne of debate about wether events from the new JJ Abrams movie will affect the storyline in Star Trek Online.  Although Cryptic did release a lovely graphic a few weeks ago which illustrated the issue quite nicely, ZAM thought the matter deserved further discussion, so they spoke with Craig Zinkievich about it.

Quote from: Craig Zinkievich
Zinkievich points out that the future time period also allows the developers to explore many of fans' favorite story arcs; something that they would normally have to wait for in a new TV show or movie. It's a valid point; what 'Trek fan wouldn't like to pick up where things left off, and play out the continuation of those stories themselves?

Read the Full article at

Ask Cryptic Update (July 21st)

There was an Ask Cryptic update on July 21st which dealt with a range of questions raised by the community. 

Quote from: Ask Cryptic (July 21st)
How will partially damaged ships be handled in STO (ie: 1/2 hull dexterity)? Will it be like a typical MMO where everything works great until dexterity goes zero, or will you get debuffs/systems going off line?

Your ship and your items will not underperform as they get damaged. Your ship has hull integrity – or hull hit points – and your items, your subsystems, have durability. They’ll continue to work at full capacity until they’re destroyed. We don’t want to force people into a downward spiral in combat where you just keep getting worse and worse. Your shields get weaker, but performance doesn’t degrade until something goes offline.

There is another axis to this, though: You have crew on your ship. We lovingly refer to them as your redshirts. Different ships have different crew complements. The Defiant class staffs 50 people, and the Galaxy class staffs 1,000 people. Your crew help keep your ship running, and will do things like affect the repair rate of your ship and affect certain actions you perform, such as assembling boarding parties, repair teams or medical teams.

In combat, crew can die or get injured. As you lose crew from explosive devices like photon torpedoes, those abilities will weaken. So you may be less effective at repairing your hull, or launching boarding parties. You can revive some crew based on how good your medical skills and medical officers are, but inevitably, you will need to replace some of them.

View the full article at

IRC Channel Shakeup!

After recieving several complaints from the community, Cryptic posted just a couple of days ago that they were switching their official IRC Channel from the Gamesurge IRC Network to the Coldfront IRC Network.

Due to recent feedback regarding IRC channels, we've moved to the Coldfront IRC network, and have established an official presence there. Want to come chat with the Cryptic developers? Check out the instructions for how to join on our forums.

Instructions on how to join the new IRC are located here:

Ship of the Link Empire - The Biggest Ship since the Dominion Battleship?

The Klingon Empire got a massive boost this weekend with the latest Ship of the Line Update.   The Vo'Quv Class is designated a Super Carrier and its stats do not disappoint. Over 1200m long, 700m wide and 250m high, this ship is possibly the largest ship to fly through the Alpha Quadrant since the Dominion Battleship. 

View this ship in its full glory at

Meet Joe Blancato

This guy is Star Trek Onlines community representative, better known as Rekhan.  We find out some interesting background information on him, so if you like to know the team behind the game, check out

And finally......

If you are so inclined, there is a Star Trek Online Developers Chat in the Official IRC on Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. Pacific time (GMT -7 right now)

This chat's format will be different from how we've structured them before. Rather than running with a general topic, we're going to use this week's Ask Cryptic as a jumping off point. Was anything unclear in our answer? Have any follow-up questions? Now's the time to ask us live!

Check out the full information for this chat at