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Author Topic: Star Trek Online Novel Tie in Coming March 2010!  (Read 5118 times)

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Star Trek Online Novel Tie in Coming March 2010!
« on: 29 November 2009 07:37 PM »
Its a very odd occasion when a Star Trek Novel makes it into a Star Trek Gaming News post here on Hailing Frequency - in fact, I think I can safetly say that this is a first, so for all of you die Star Trek Bookworms out there - enjoy this while you can!

Mass Market Paperback have announced that they are releasing a novel entitled "Star Trek Online: The Needs of the Many" that ties into the Star Trek Online stroyline somehow.

Beyond this, we do not really have any details at the moment, however we can assume that the book will either be a summary-style focus on the years between Nemesis and 2409, giving us information and storyline about each year running up to 2409 OR, it will be a more focussed novel, tieing into a specific event within the Star Trek Online universe.

The author of the book is Michael A. Martin, who has penned several other very popular and very well written Star Trek Novels, such as "Star Trek: Enterprise: The Romulan War", "Star Trek: Enterprise: Kobayashi Maru", several books in the "Star Trek: Titan" series along with a range of other titles!

All of his books are amazingly good reads (I am currently reading The Romulan War) and if his work on "The Needs of the Many" is anything like his work on other Star Trek Books, then its going to be well worth a read, for both Star Trek Online fans and non Star Trek Online fans.

The book will be released on March 30, 2010 and will weigh in at 340 pages - pre-orders can be made at

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Re: Star Trek Online Novel Tie in Coming March 2010!
« Reply #1 on: 29 November 2009 09:39 PM »
 This book is listed for pre-order on Amazon ca at $9.99 CDN.
 It also lists a pre-order for the novel "Star Trek: Typhon Pact: Seize the Fire" with an Oct. 1st, 2010 date.

Product Description
When a sect of the Typhon Pact declares war on planet Hranrar, Riker and his crew must stop the evil hegemony from a mission of death and destruction.

But the Star Trek Online novel looks by far the most interesting read for me! :)   
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