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Author Topic: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!  (Read 18054 times)

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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #10 on: 06 April 2010 07:05 PM »
What were you guys expecting?
Its not even a true MMO, 10 players total at a time? Hell, even the lazy guys at World War 2 Online (AKA battleground europe) did a better job.

Once you did all the missions and reach the rank limiter you'll wander around like a mindless ant trying to get some fun.

"Good for me" i didn't spent a cent on STO.

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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #11 on: 06 April 2010 11:24 PM »
... with reguards to STO. it failed to grab the essence of Star Trek and went for the generic MMO with a Star trek skin ...

That's exactly it.  If anything, in my opinion, STO has besmirched, bastardized, and insulted the name of Star Trek by including the all the ST elements in another mass-bash-n-smash where Starfleet is the civilized barbaric-antagonist in the Galaxy.

It's a modern style version of ST's Imperial Starfleet, where the player is forced into a graph-sheet sectored version of space that doesn't even give the player the feel of being in space, rather a small boxed in restraint of both space and planet-side events.

I was so excited when I was able to enter OB, but became quickly disappointed one month into the game after launch when I discovered that the only thing the game had to offer all players, Trekkies/Trekkers and everyone else, was nothing but kill-kill-and more kill ... definately not a Star Trek genre, rather another ho-hum dole-drum MMO hack-n-slash with all the ST toys.

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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #12 on: 06 April 2010 11:26 PM »

WRONG. They had 1 million FORUM users (to INCLUDE Champions Online)... they never said they had 1 million subscribers. PLEASE get the information straight before mass mailing people and freaking them out.

Read here:

or here:

or here:

etc. etc. etc. But please get the information straight.
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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #13 on: 07 April 2010 03:28 AM »
     The sad truth is that the game is underdeveloped. It doesn't surprise me that the haters showed up almost immediately to pile on, but it was way too easy for me to max out. When I played Everquest 2, it took me a looong time to max out, over a year or so. For STO? 4-6 weeks.
     The lack of content and meteoric rise thru the ranks are broken, and while I'm proud to say I didn't blow my load on a lifetime sub, I hate the idea that I have to keep spending $15 a month for a game that I've essentially already beaten, at least for the time being.
     This game feels so much like it's underdone, like it was pushed out the door waaaay too early. Maybe that's why HF was passed over for their council, we have a tendency to speak our mind.
     That all being said, I still think that given time, the game can still be great. It just needs a LOT more seasoning.

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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #14 on: 07 April 2010 02:55 PM »
Sadly for me,as a Lifetimer,STO is dying.
Everyday more and more people leave the Game...even last night 4 of my fleets members canceled their subscription and went back to EVE.
But seriously,are we surprised?I'm not! The game is awfull,it has NOTHING to do with Startrek,it's a shoot'em'up disguised as StarTrek,there are mod's out there that are better then this ever be,just look for a mod called RPG-X for Elite Force...Come on Cryptic...REALLY??
Is that the best you can come up with?Really??
Startrek was never about shoot first ask later,where are the deep misteries to solve,the human drama...and more importantly WHERE THE HELL IS MY BRIDGE??
You may say,"the bridge is there",but come on...Really?
It's just ANOTHER instance,you cant and you wont be able to do anything from it because of it,you cant travel while on your bridge or any other part of the ship because they are diferent Instances.Its like your car is the bridge,and to get to engineering you have to get in a neighbours car,and crew quarters is another neighbours car.Can you see them traveling at the same time and do everything as one,i cant.
You (cryptic) looked at this wrong,the game should have been focused on the BRIDGE...and then the rest like in all movies and shows,but you worste mistake was using an game engine that sucked from the beginning on Coh,and put a Star Trek skin on it.
What really made really sad and at the same time angry is what i read what Perpetual had planned for STO,i already  saw the screen shots they realeased way back when they were developing the game,but for the first time i read what they were planning and was the most cannon road for the game...but then happened what we all know and cryptic came by and turned it into a flamming turd.
But again sadly i made a big effort to come up with the money for the lifetime and i feel cheated,i feel it was for NOTHING,i made a leap of faith that wasn't rewarded.
And i would really beleive that the game Will get better and shut me up,but with this engine and with the road that they chose for the game,i really doubt it.
The only way for this game to get anywhere is for you (cryptic) start from scratch,better yet,give it up and let someone that actually knows what they are doing give us a Star Trek Online that we Star Trek Community deserve.
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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #15 on: 08 April 2010 03:44 PM »
The question really now should be how are we going to fix it?

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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #16 on: 08 April 2010 06:59 PM »
 :startrek025: i have been playing sto sence it came out. i am not impressed one bit. i am a avid game player for 30 years now.
one of the main turns offs in this game is the C-Store. this is where you have to spend more money and buy cryptic points in order to buy ingame items. ontop of buying the game and paying the 14.99 a month, they still want you to spend more on items and player races that should be apart of the game. this is probably one of the biggest complaints.
another big complaint, is lack of content.. shallow missions, and not many missions at all. i know this is a new game, but it should have more. if you want to be a klingon, there are no missions beside the begining tutorial. then you have to PvP in order to increase rank. they prob will improve on this, but it shoulda been there when it went live. another note on missions is: alot of them are bugged,..uncomleteable, missing elements, and very bad story lines.

it plays and feels like city of heroes, they didnt go out of there way to come out with anything new, flying through maps, its a joke. they have the whole screen garbled with unnessary lines and trails that have nothing to do with anything. even put a nice grid lines in, still dont see what there for.
my suggestion is: wait a year before you get into this game, maybe then some stuff will be fixed.

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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #17 on: 11 April 2010 09:16 AM »
Yeah Zach you misinterpreted the million subscribers thing.  Actually, Cryptic wanted everyone to interpret it the way you did - misleading PR machine they had going...  I'd change the article b/c it's spreading misinformation though.

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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #18 on: 21 April 2010 11:19 PM »
Color me suprised.

Ok, maybe not.

Before I even got invited to Closed Beta, I had severe doubts and reservations about STO. Many of those doubts and reservations I voiced, loudly. Most of the time I was shouted down as a pessimist or a non-believer or whatever.

And yet, nearly every single thing I said, came true, in one form or another. I did an audio segment for Hailing Frequency about a year before launch, talking about the keys to a successful MMO, and learning from the mistakes of past MMOs such as Warhammer and AoC, while also talking about keeping the heart and soul of Trek intact for this game.

While I have no illusions that anyone at Cryptic even heard what I had to say, it is as if they listened to that audio segment, and did EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of everything that I said they shouldn't do. Not only did they do the opposite of what I said they shouldn't do, they have embraced it wholeheartedly and are dancing a jig to the funeral dirge on the decks of the ship as it goes down.

When I got my Closed Beta invite, I figured I'd give it a try. One last chance for Cryptic to prove me wrong.

For all intents and purposes, Closed Beta was the biggest disappointment I had ever experienced in gaming. Not because of technical issues, bugs, etc. Those things can be fixed, and worked past, and are expected in a Beta Test. My disappointment came from the souless entity that is STO, bearing the name of my favorite sci-fi franchise. Heck, even the legal issues and bankruptcy of Cheynenne Mountain (the former developers of Stargate Worlds) didn't compare. The game never made me feel "the Trekness". It didn't make any attempts to capture that which made Star Trek great. Instead, it took a flawed idea, that only combat sells, and wrapped Star Trek around it to try and sell it. But the Trek franchise was never at it's best when the focus was on war. War, combat and pew-pew did not endear the franchise to fans for over 40 years. Cryptic didn't seem to recognize that though. To top it off, they didn't use seasoned Trek writers, they didn't consult with Trek veterans that had been with the franchise. Instead they relied on novices that produced nothing but fan-fic level garbage and tried to pass it off as better than anything we ever saw in the series. Unfortunately for Cryptic, most fans were not fooled.

As Falin put it, the essence of Trek was not captured by this game. Sure, for those that care nothing for an RP experience, it might be a satisfactory game. But for your devout MMO players, especially those with a vested interest in the IP, your MMO has to have heart. You have to give your players an experience that immerses them into the very world the game is trying to portray, and STO utterly failed to do that, and never seemed to want to correct that either. The story was bad, the mechanics of your interaction with the world around you were bad, and the RP based game elements that contribute to immersiveness were non-existent. Cryptic seemed to gear the game towards the action pew-pew gamer, and they are reaping the result of that gearing as we speak. The action pew-pew gamer gets bored easily, and leaves just as quickly. Many people said this would happen, me included. Guess what gang? This is what it looks like. This is what it looks like to alienate fans, in favor of FotM (Flavor of the Month) gamers, only to have the FotM gamers get bored, and leave as quickly as the fans did.

STO is dead. Or at the very least, suffering a severe case of dying. Dying a very painful death, that could have been avoided.

I think the biggest suprise of all is not that STO is suffering, but that it hasn't suffered more. Frankly, 100k subscribers should be seen as a blessing by Cryptic, because it could have (and probably should have, or maybe even is) much, much worse. In all honesty, I figured that maybe at the most, STO would have 15,000 to 20,000 right now, including the lifers.

Oh and for those that are wondering, I never bought STO. I didn't play it at launch. Closed Beta told me everything I needed to know about the direction of the game, and it's fate after launch. I am very glad that I didn't buy it, or give Cryptic a single cent. Just my time as a tester, and my payment for my time, was fair warning to not take the cruise on the sinking ship.

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Re: Star Trek Online Struggles with only 100k Subscribers!
« Reply #19 on: 25 April 2010 11:33 PM »
 RR...I fail to see how you could learn EVERYTHING you need to know from a closed Beta. Perhaps as a non-MMO player ( until STO ),you could enlighten me as to the process of how a closed beta would give you what you say it did..."Closed Beta told me everything I needed to know about the direction of the game, and it's fate after launch."
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