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Author Topic: Competition - Win one of 3 copys of Star Trek Online: Digital Deluxe Edition!  (Read 17778 times)

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Upon the arrival on the 3rd planet, the U.S.S. Avalon scans revealed heavy residual weapons signatures. The away team found only destroyed Borg infrastructure and several dead drones, there was no clue as to what had caused such destruction to the Borg.

Further scans from Avalon revealed a dampening field around the 5th planet, and thus the away team was sent to investigate. Due to the dampening field the away team was forced to take a shuttle down to the surface.

Upon landing, the away team was ambushed by a group of what seemed to be a technological advanced race of humans, but they seemed worn and tired... perhaps they were the ones who defeated the Borg? The Alien humans were aloof and paranoid, accusing the away team of being allied to the Borg, and threatened them unless they were willing to be restrained and scanned.

Once the locals completed their scans, they became friendly, introduced themselves as the Nephirim and apologized profusely for their hostility. They asked the away team to stay for dinner and a night, as it was the least they could do after such harsh treatment.

The away team stayed for dinner, and after dinner the locals performed a ritual song. One of the away team member mention it sounded like it came from a holo novel, but was too tired... and all of the away team fell asleep during the ritual song.

The next day, the away team returned and reported in with the Captain on the U.S.S Avalon. They told the Captain of their encounter with the Nephirim people. They however seemed distant to the Captain, each question required a few seconds pause before it could be answered. Following his instinct, the captain went to sickbay and asked for a modification of scans, and crafted a trap for one of the away team members to get her picture taken by a holo imager.

Upon investigation, scanning revealed nothing, but a holo image recreation revealed something horrifying and shocking, they were Borg Robots with holo-technology nanites which gave of false bio readings. The doctor pointed out that while they were similar to Borg, their lack of flesh made them vulnerable to EM energy.

The captain took this information to Engineering and asked his Chief Engineer to modify proton torpedoes to emit EMP. One of the away team members over heard this conversation and ambushed the captain in his ready room. The captain was however prepared and successfully thwarted their attack. The EMP was successfully deployed and the Robot Borgs were disabled and the captain saved his captured crew from the planet's surface.

The EMP also knocked out the directed interference which blocked scanning of the 11th planet. There scans detected a huge Borg complex, and Avalon set a course to destroy it. However, because the directed interference was disabled, many Borg ships began converging on the Star System, the Captain asked his Chief Engineer to reprogram and refit the Robot Borgs quantum torpedoes and have them self destruct within the complex. Avalons sheilds and hull began to fail from the Borg ships onslaught, but were able to successfully transport the Robot Borgs into the complex, warp drives were engaged, and the complex exploded, though no one knows the extent of the damage. Was it destroyed, disabled? We must be prepared! An old enemy is on the rise.

The end.


Captains Log Stardate 63555.1 - We have just entered a Star System that Long Range Sensor scans show was recently abandoned by The Borg.  It is not known why the Borg left the system, so we have come here to investigate. End Log.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): We are approaching the system captain!

Captain (Captain Sydney): Drop us out of warp and engage impulse engines.  Begin Scanning!

Science1 (Lt. T'kal): Scans show that the system has 11 planets captain, The 3rd, 4th and 5th planets are in the stars habitable zone. The 6th planet is Class-L, the 1st and 2nd planets are very close to the Star and contain high amounts of heavy metals and the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th planets are all Gas Giants........Sir, I cannot get a reading on the 11th planet, something is interfering with our scans, some kind of directed interference from inside the system.

Captain (Captain Sydney):  Hmnnnn - 3 planets in the Habitable zone - thats very interesting. Helm - lay in a course to the 3rd planet, lets start there.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): Aye Sir....Entering orbit in 15 seconds.



Helm1 (Ensign Akira): We've successfully established an orbit around the 3rd planet sir.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Scan for signs of Borg activity on the planet's surface.

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): None to report sir. There are however residual weapons signatures, Borg and Unknown. The planet's surface also shows significant signs of Borg ruins.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): Who or what did this to The Borg?

Captain (Captain Sydney): That's what we're here to find out Lieutenant. Prepare an away team to investigate. Commander Scott, you're in charge.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Lt. T'kal, Ensign Akira, you're with me. Meet me at Transporter Room 1 in 20 minutes.

*Away team beams down to the planet's surface and begins exploring the scorched planet.*

First Officer (Commander Scott): Captain I'm afraid we haven't found anything besides a few dead drones and destroyed Borg Infrastructure, whatever or whoever did this didn't leave anything behind.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Very well, prepare to beam back to Avalon. Ensign J'tal (Science2), scan for any signs of vessels or communication in the area, and keep continuous scans of the region.

Science2 (Ensign J'tal ): No ships in the area, and sensors do not pick up any signs of communication... Wait... I'm detecting something, increasing sensor resolution. Captain, I'm detecting what appears to be a dampening field on the 5th planet. The field will make transporters unusable Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Good work Ensign. *Taps comm badge* Commander Scott.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Yes captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Slight change of plans, bring your team to shuttle bay 1, you're going to explore another planet.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Right away captain.

*Away team takes shuttle down to the 5th planet, and lands successfully on the surface. Upon exiting the shuttle, the team was ambushed by what looked to be technologically advanced humans. They however looked worn and tired*

First Officer (Commander Scott): Please, we mean you no harm.

Local 1: Unarm yourselves... NOW! *In a growling and threatening voice*

*First Officer  nods at the rest of the team, slowly removes the phaser from its holster and puts it on the ground. The rest of the team follows.*

Local 1: Why have you come here?

First Officer (Commander Scott): We are here to investigate the disappearance of The Borg from this Star System. We scanned and explored the 3rd planet in your system, The Borg we're annihilated, are you the ones responsible?

Local 1: We ask there questions here not you! *waves his gun menacingly*

Local 2: Alrid, there's no need to be so hostile, these people don't look like they're related to The Borg, and haven't we seen enough bloodshed to last a lifetime?

Local 1 (Aldrid): Quiet old man! I'm protecting our well being! Can't you see that? After 300 years The Borg's tactics might have changed! These creatures may be allied to them!

Helm 1 (Ensign Akira): We are definitely NOT allied with The Borg.

Local 2: Aldrid you're being paranoid, The Borg would never ally themselves with anyone. They're only goal is perfection, and they achieve that by assimilation.

Local 1 (Aldrid): NO! Take them and tie them up! We will scan you to ensure you and your friends are not Borg.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Wait, we have to report in to our ship first.

Local 1 (Aldrid): No, you can contact your ship after we've examined you.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Please, our Captain will send more down if we do not report back.

Local 1 (Aldrid): Very well, make it quick! One false move and we open fire.

First Officer (Commander Scott): *Taps on Comm Badge* Avalon do you read?

U.S.S. Avalon: ...

First Officer (Commander Scott): Avalon do you read?

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): The dampening field must be interfering with the communication signal.

First Officer (Commander Scott): I don't suppose you have a communications device?

Local 1 (Aldrid): *Sigh* I will allow you brief usage of our communications device.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Thank you.

Local 1 (Aldrid): Now, restrain them.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Do as they say.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): What?! *In a loud whisper*

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): Remain calm Ensign. Having a panic attack will serve no one.

Helm: I don't need to hear that from someone with suppressed emotions. *In  an annoyed voice*

*The team is escorted blindfolded to the local's encampment*

Local 1 (Aldrid): Here's our communication's outpost, make it brief!

*U.S.S. Avalon*

Science Replacement: Captain, we're receiving a transmission from the planet's surface. Starfleet frequency.

Captain (Captain Sydney): This is the U.S.S. Avalon.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Captain, this is Commander Scott reporting in, we're alright. Give us a few hours and we'll report in again.

Science Replacement: The transmission has ended captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Keep me informed.

*Planet 5*

Local 1 (Aldrid): The scans are conclusive, you're not Borg.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): Gee thanks, I feel so relieved. *Rolls eyes*

First Officer (Commander Scott): *Glares at Ensign Akira* Forgive him. He's not always like that.

Local 2: Ah to be young. Your friend in some ways is much like Aldrid *laughs*.

Local 1 (Aldrid): *Glares* What I did was for the survival of our people.

Local 2: Of course, of course.*laughs*

First Officer (Commander Scott): I am Commander Scott of the U.S.S. Avalon, this is Lt. T'kal *gestures hand to the left*

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): *Nod*

First Officer (Commander Scott): And Ensign Akira

Helm: *Casual salute*

Local 2: And we are the Nepherim, my name is Kalric, please forgive our hostility we've recently been though a great ordeal as you know.

Helm: So you we're the ones who destroyed The Borg?

Local 1: Yes.

Local 2 (Kalric): But at great cost to ourselves.

Ensign T'kal: I would like a chance to examine these weapons of yours.

Local 2 (Kalric): I'm sure that can be arranged, but let's not delve into that right now. Please stay with us for a night, and have dinner with us, its the least we can do after what we put you through.

First Officer (Commander Scott): We'd love to, but we're due back on Avalon.

Local 2 (Kalric): You can use our communication outpost to report back to your ship. We won't allow you to leave after only seeing the bad side of our culture. Please stay a night, we insist.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Very well, but I'll have to check with my Captain first.

Local 2 (Kalric): Of course, Aldrid, show Commander Scott to the communications outpost. Ensign Akira, Ensign T'kal, please follow me.

*U.S.S. Avalon*
Science2 (Ensign Jítal): Another transmission from the planet's surface Captain.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Commander Scott reporting in Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Good to hear from you commander, we were getting worried.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Nothing to worry about Captain, we just had a little misunderstanding, everything's alright now. The locals call themselves the Nephirim, and they are cause of the Borgs disappearance.

Captain (Captain Sydney): That's good. You always had a way with diplomacy.

First Officer (Commander Scott):  To be honest Captain, I really didn't do much. The locals call themselves the Nephirim, and they are cause of the Borgs disappearance. They have also requested for us to stay a night.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Permission granted. We don't want to give them a bad first impression do we?  Do however try to learn more about their culture, where they've come from. First contacts are always very memorable and exciting.

First Officer (Commander Scott): Of course Captain.

*Planet 5- Dinner*
Ensign Akira: Food, at last! I'm starving.

First Officer (Commander Scott): *Elbows Akira* Where are your manners?

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): Ensign Akira seems to be very lacking in that department. When we head back to Avalon, I can teach you some Vulcan meditation techniques which will help overcome these emotional outbursts.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): Outbursts? You call that an OUTBURST?

First Officer (Commander Scott): Control yourself Ensign!

Local 2 (Kalric): We are gathered here today to give thanks to the universe for in all its infinite wisdom has brought us together. Let us pray, pray for those we have lost and pray for those we have gained....*

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): Doesn't this sound like it came out of a holonovel? *In a hushed whisper to Cmdr. Scott*

First Officer (Commander Scott): *whispers as loud as he can without disturbing the prayer* Quiet!

Local 2 (Kalric): We give thanks... Please everyone, letís have dinner! Enjoy!

*Dinner comes to an end*

Local 2 (Kalric): Now that everyone's full, we will sing to our guests  a song of our tongue, sang to us by our forefathers and the forefathers before them.

Locals: *Begin Chant* A beutiful yet sorrowful melody was sung.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): I swear I've heard this song on a holonovel before... *Yawn* I'm really tired... Can't stay awake... *falls asleep*

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): You should spend less time on such... frivolous pursuitís ensign. *Attempts hard to stay awake, but finally gives in to slumber*

First Officer (Commander Scott): *zzzzz*

*Next day, on-board the U.S.S. Avalon*
*The First Officer (Commander Scott) explains the meeting with the Nephirim, the misunderstanding they had, and the friendship they now have, elaborating on their 300 year revenge on the Borg. Something seemed odd, however, he seemed distant, and paused for 2-3 seconds each time the Captain asked him a question*

Captain (Captain Sydney): So how did you enjoy your time Scott?

First Officer (Commander Scott): *Pause* Fine, thank you Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Did you manage to find anything interesting about these Nephirim?

First Officer (Commander Scott): *Pause* No, nothing to report Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Are you alright Scott? You don't seem to be yourself

First Officer (Commander Scott): *Pause* No, I'm fine Captain. Please do not concern yourself.

Captain (Captain Sydney): I think you should report to sickbay.

First Officer (Commander Scott) *Pause* No, I'm fine Captain, I just need some rest. Permission to be excused, sir.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Very well, dismissed. Oh and send Ensign Akira in.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): *Pause* You wanted to see me Captain?

Captain (Captain Sydney): I was just wondering if everything went well yesterday. How are you feeling?

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): *Pause* I'm feeling well, Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Did anything unusual happen?

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): *Pause* No, nothing of significance happened yesterday

Captain (Captain Sydney): *Eyes Akira curiously*

*Science2 (Ensign Jítal): Captain please report to the bridge*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Get some rest Lt.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): *Pause* Yes, sir.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Dismissed.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Ensign, you called?

Science2 (Ensign Jítal): Yes Captain, I've been running continuous scans as you ordered, and I reviewed them this morning, at first I thought the scans were picking up background noise or subspace echos, but every hour there seems to be a data stream that lasts for a micro second. I've increased the sensors resolution to it's maximum but, the clearest reading I can get is the stream originates somewhere from one of the habitable planets to an unknown location. I've tried to intercept the data stream, but have had no success.

Captain (Captain Sydney): No problem J'tal, you did well. Keep monitoring the scanners, and keep me updated on any changes.


Captain (Captain Sydney): Doctor, I need your help.

Doctor: Of course Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Did the away team report for their medical when they returned?

Doctor: No, but surface scans found no pathogens on the planet's surface, I'm sure they're just tired.

Captain (Captain Sydney): That maybe the case, but my instinct is telling me something's wrong.

Doctor: Captain?

Captain (Captain Sydney): Can you modify the ships sensors to conduct a bio molecular scan on Commander Scott, Lt. T'kal and Ensign Akira?

Doctor: That's highly unethical Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): It is my decision and I will bear the responsibilities. Can you do it or not?

Doctor: I suppose I can try. Give me 1 hour.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Inform me as soon as the modifications are done.

*In the meantime Captain Sydney wasn't going to sit around idle, while he waited for the modifications to complete, he places a holo-imager in between some books in the bookshelf at the side of the ready room*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Computer, use the holo-imager to take a picture as soon as someone enter's the room. And computer, maintain a continous proximity scan on Commander Scott, Lt. T'kal and Ensign Akira, 10 meter radius, all sensor parameters.

Computer: Acknowledged. Beep Beep.

Captain: Lt. T'kal please report to my ready room.

*Lt. T'kal enters room*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Lt. T'kal.

*Holo-imager turns on and takes a picture*

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): *Pause* Yes captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): If I remember correctly this is you first, First Contact mission.

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): *Pause* Yes, you are correct Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): How was it?

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): *Pause* It was educational.

Captain: Surely you feel it was more than educational.

Science1 (Lt. Tíkal): *Pause* Vulcans do not have emotions

Captain (Captain Sydney): Oh if you insist Lt., very well, you are dismissed.

*Lt. T'kal exits room*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Computer display proximity scan on Lt. T'kal for the past 5 minutes. Hmm... Nothing seems wrong, and Lt. T'kal seems normal for the most part except for the weird pauses, unlike Scott and Akira...

*Doctor: Captain, please report to sickbay at once.*

Captain (Captain Sydney): On my way.


Doctor: The modifications are complete sir. I must however, object to you using this.

Captain (Captain Sydney): I'll note your objections in my logs. Proceed with the scans.

Doctor: *Begins scanning* They all seem perfectly healthy. DNA is a 100% match. They seem to be emitting a small amounts of photonic energy... Weird the scans say they're in perfect health.... There shouldn't be any anomalies.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Proximity scans failed to reveal anything as well. Try using this holo-imager to create a 3d representation of Ensign T'kal.

Doctor: Yes sir.

*The image begins to build... To the Captain and Doctor's shock and horror, it was not organic but mechanical...*

Captain (Captain Sydney): What was that? Run a complete scan.

Doctor: Why didn't my scans detect that? *Presses console buttons frantically*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Calm down doctor, one step at a time, what was that we saw?

Doctor: *Takes deep long breaths* Lets see... The skeleton is composed of Borg type metal and the skin are Borg nanites programmed to emit photons and forcefields to create a holographic skin, the nanites also seem to be emiting false bio readings... That's why the scans didn't work.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Can we take them out? Are there any weaknesses?

Doctor: Hmm these machines are very similar to the Borg, yet they aren't Borg. They're all machine, I think an EM pulse would disable them.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Thank you Doctor. And doctor, ask everyone except Commander Scott, Lt. T'kal and Ensign Akira to come in to get their holo image taken. Explain to those who have a successful result of our findings.

*Ready room*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Ensign J'tal, report to the ready room.

Science2 (Ensign Jítal): Sir.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Any updates on the data stream?

Science2 (Ensign Jítal): Not much, but I've been able to isolate a more precise location of the data stream's origin, it seems to be coming from the Nephirim's planet.

Captain (Captain Sydney): As I expected.... How long till the next data stream update?

Crewman: 5 minutes sir.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Thank you, and please head to the sickbay to get your holo image taken.

Crewman: Understood.

*Engineering - 10 minutes later*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Lt. Salvatore. May I have a moment?

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): Yes, of course Captain, what can I do for you?

Captain (Captain Sydney): Can you modify several photon torpedoes to emit an EM blast?

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): Uhh, yes sir I can. But may I know why?

Captain (Captain Sydney): I'll explain later, also I need you to initiate an emergency shutdown on the ship so the em pulse wont knock out our systems as well. How long will it take to get the modifications done?

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): I can have them done in 15 minutes

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): I'll get it done right away.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Please keep this to to a low profile.

*Silhouette moves out of Engineering*

*Ready room*

Door: Beep Beep

Captain (Captain Sydney): Enter

*Commander Scott, Ensign Akira and Ensign T'kal enter the room*

Captain (Captain Sydney): To what do I owe the pleasure?

First Officer (Commander Scott): *Pause* Why are we still in this Star System Captain?

Captain (Captain Sydney): We found a strange reading, and I'm investigating.

Helm1 (Ensign Akira): *Pause* Why weren't we informed of this reading?

Captain (Captain Sydney): I saw you were tired and didn't to burden you with extra duties.

Science 1 (Lt. T'kal): *Pause* That is not logical. I am not tired. Why were you in Engineering.

Captain (Captain Sydney): My arenít we curious today, but this is my ship, I can be whereever I want to be. Who are you to dictate where I can or cannot be?

*Nanite skin begins to morph*


Captain (Captain Sydney): Security to ready room.

*Captain Sydney was prepared for this and takes phaser from drawer, aims and fires at the Borg that took on the appearance of Commander Scott*
*The phaser beam burned a hole through the Borg Drone, but immediately regenerated.*
*Captain Sydney continues to fire phasers, but to no avail, the Borg kept advancing.*

Captain: *Taps comm badge* How are those modifications coming along Salvatore?

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): They'll be done in 5 minutes sir.

Captain (Captain Sydney): We don't have 5 minutes! I need them now!

*Captain Sydney attempts to circle strafe around the drones but to no avail*
*At the very last moment, when the Borg we're only a few feet away from Captain Sydney, the security team came in to the ready room and began firing at the drones*
*The drones did not seem to take any damage, but were distracted for the moment*
*Captain Sydney took the opportunity to run past them and out of the ready room*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Everyone out!

*Security team exits*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Computer, erect a level 10 force field around the ready room.

Computer: Beep Beep

Captain (Captain Sydney): *Taps comm badge* How's it coming along Salvatore?

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): All done sir.

Captain (Captain Sydney): All hands, prepare for emergency shutdown. Tactical, fire the newly modified EM torpedoes at the Nephirim's encampment.

*EM torpedoes launch*
*Borg Drones Tear through the door and walk though the force field*
*Some of the Bridge Crew begin to panic, and suddenly the lights go off*


Captain (Captain Sydney): Everyone remain calm!

*A hand grabs Captain Sydney. He struggles,  but feels a needle poking against his neck, almost piercing his skin.... but suddenly the grip loosens and the needle disappears as he hears crumbling sound*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Get emergency power back online.

*Lights come on to reveal 3 skeletal robot bodies covered and surrounded by metallic powder-like substance.*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Nice timing there Salvatore.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Take these Borg bodies to engineering. Salvatore, try and figure them out

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): Right away Captain.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Security team 1, you're with me. J'tal is the dampening field still online?

Science2 (Ensign Jítal): No captain, the dampening field has been disabled.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Good, you have the bridge. Security team 1, follow me to transporter room 1.

*Nephirim's/Robot Borg's planet*

*Huge Borg Infrastructure looms above the away team.*

Security 1: How did the away team miss this?

Captain (Captain Sydney): *Surveys the ground to see the same metallic powder* They probably used nanites to project a false image to the earlier team. *Takes tricorder and scans environment* 3 life signs ahead. Ensign Curaj you stay here and make sure no one else goes in or out without my permission. The rest of you follow me
Security 2,3 and 4: Yes sir.

*Enters the infrastructure*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Almost there

*Enters a room, 3 pods were there, and in each held one of Avalon's missing crew*

Captain (Captain Sydney): Open the pods, quickly!

Security 2,3 and 4: Sir.

*Exits infrastructure and meets up with Ensign Curaj*

Captain (Captain Sydney): 8 to beam up.


Captain (Captain Sydney): How's our friend doing?

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): You won't believe this captain, the Borg robot's neural-matrix is based on Starfleet holo-technology

Captain (Captain Sydney): What? That's disturbing news...

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): Yes sir, while that may be the case, because of this I can easily access the matrix and configure them to our specifications.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Well at least that's some good news.

*Science2 (Ensign Jítal): Captain the EM torpedoes we fired at the planet have disabled the directed interference. I'm reading a massive Borg Infrastructure on the 11th planet... Captain I'm reading multiple transwarp signatures 5, 8, 12, 19... 26 Borg vessels are converging on our position.

Captain (Captain Sydney): They must have been alerted when the directed interference from the planet was disabled. And the infrastructure must be important for them to send so many vessels. How long till they arrive?

Science2 (Ensign Jítal): Approximately 12 minutes.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Helm full impulse to the 11th planet, what's our ETA?

Helm2: 10 minutes Sir.

Captain (Captain Sydney): That gives us 2 minutes to try and destroy the infrastructure... Salvatore, program those Borg robots to disable and destroy the infrastructure, and equip them with Quantum torpedoes.

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): Yes sir.

*Planet 11*

Helm2: We're approaching Planet 11.

Tactical: Sir the infrastructure is charging weapons.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Red Alert, shields up!

Tactical: Shields down to 82 percent.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Rotate shield frequency and return fire

Tactical: Direct hit, minimal damage.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Salvatore, are those robots ready?

Engineer (Lt. Salvatore): They're ready.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Transport them

Science: The Borg shields are preventing Transport! Captain! Borg ships are emerging from Transwarp.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Evasive maneuvers, Target the infrastructure's shield generators! Fire phasers, and Quantum torpedoes full spread.

Tactical: Shield generators are at 30% and falling. Borg Cubes are arming weapons... Direct hit, shields down to 43%.... 31%, losing hull integrity, breaches in decks 3, 6 and 11.

Science: I've established a lock on the transport site, energizing.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Emergency power to shields, and hull integrity, Helm get us out of here.

*Infrastructure explodes from the inside*

Helm: Initiating warp drive...

*Avalon goes into warp*


Captain (Captain Sydney): How are they doing?

Doctor: They've ingested a strong paralyzing agent, but I've developed a cure for them. They'll just have to be in sickbay for a week.

Captain (Captain Sydney): That's a relief.

Doctor: There's one other thing, when i was scanning them, they had a neural net in their brain composed of nanites.

Captain (Captain Sydney): So that's why the clones took a while to answer my questions, they had to transmit and receive the data before they could reply. But it seemed they couldn't access much of the individuals personality, the three of them seemed out of place after they returned. Well they we're prototypes I suppose...

Doctor: I shudder to think what a perfected version would be capable of.

Captain (Captain Sydney): Indeed

Captains Log Stardate 45651.3 - We've encountered an old enemy in a new form, Borgs using holo-technology to alter their appearance. They're now changelings attempting to infiltrate the federation. I am unsure if my attempt to destroy the Borg Infrastructure was successful but at the very least we've crippled it, hopefully enough to stop the project. But we must not forget, they're more dangerous than ever. We must be on the highest alert. We must be prepared. We will not and cannot falter. End log.

Star Trek End Theme Song comes on.

The End.

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