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Author Topic: Bill Roper on STO  (Read 1427 times)

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Bill Roper on STO
« on: 15 April 2009 07:19 PM »

Bill Roper is a PC gaming legend. As vice president of Blizzard North, Roper played a key role in the success of Diablo and Diablo II, still considered by many to be the Blizzard's best games. Then he left, co-founded Flagship Studios and released the now defunct Hellgate: London, a game that was, essentially, Diablo in first person. Now, as design director and executive producer at Atari-owned Cryptic Studios, he's in charge of Champions Online, a superhero MMO due out on PC this spring. Here, in the second part of a mammoth interview with, Roper tells us why fans should be so excited about Star Trek Online, and delivers his verdict on the latest iteration of the very series he made his name on: Diablo 3.