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Author Topic: Jan 27th - 2 New Screenshots - 1 Klingon 1 Starfleet  (Read 3121 times)

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Re: Jan 27th - 2 New Screenshots - 1 Klingon 1 Starfleet
« Reply #20 on: 28 January 2009 06:31 PM »
The asteroids in the first picture look great, but otherwise, it looks really bad... :(

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Re: Jan 27th - 2 New Screenshots - 1 Klingon 1 Starfleet
« Reply #21 on: 28 January 2009 08:36 PM »
Very pretty shots, indeed.  Not sure about the ships, but it's early days yet - with luck they'll get better :)

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Re: Jan 27th - 2 New Screenshots - 1 Klingon 1 Starfleet
« Reply #22 on: 28 January 2009 09:57 PM »
Ok... I flamed around like an idiot. I'm trying to stay objective by giving those screenshots an objective credit.

1. General Appearance

Both screenshots appear to be concept art in contrast to what Cryptic released so far related to star ships and space shots. Compared to the teaser trailer showed at the Con in Las Vegas these screenshots look different.
While the environment stays true to the already established stylized ambience and look with quite decent textures, those ships spread another flair then all other renders before. The hull of both ships especially the Miranda Class is asymmetrical and stretches towards the lower left corner and show a lack of detail compared to other ships renders. Both ships feel 2-dimensional and artificially set into the picture.

2. Lighting and Texturing

The play of light and shade is displayed incorrect. With a look on the shot with the Klingon ship the stronges light source that could reflect on the hull is the blue sun in the front of the ship and the plasma strip that appears in the back which would be reflected as a slight red shine at some small parts of the back of the ship.
On the right wing of the Klingon ship you see a reflection, however, it indicates that the strongest light source comes from the top outside this picture (which is possible).
On the other side - with respect to the intense shine of the blue sun which is even able to shine behind the rock with its aurora effect - the ship doesn't seem to be effected by this at all. This indicates that the physics engine doesn't work within realistic parameters OR those ships were put into this screenshots by hand.
Even more impressive are the shadows of the other picture. The light that hits the Miranda seems to have a completely different origin that the light that hits the planet. However, as the screenhot seem to be bent the light source could be the same and it is just the angle which is bent, too.
The planet itself looks concept like with washed textures and no atmosphere. It is hard to define the distance between the ship and the planet. The planet looks like a mini moon being of the same size as the ship which could be caused by the plasma strips and the "fix state of view".
It is commonly known that graphic engines follow a defined and repeating pattern on how objects explode or fall apart. Concering the parts falling apart from this space object there is no single piece which is even close to look the same way. This indicates that this object has been set into the game as fix object not being influenced by direct force which is also a possible interpretation for this object looking that way or this planet, indeed, is a concept art put into an actual environmental screenshot by hand.
If these parts are falling apart through influence of force in this exact moment of the screenshot im deeply impressed by this engine's performance.
Still there is a strange feeling about this object falling apart. If you compare the textures of the object's surface and the textures of the parts falling apart this might explain the strange feeling, even the hard to define distances. How far away is this object? What is its size? The rough textures makes the object appearing closer for my eyes because my brain compares the size of those textures with the ones of the other screenshot and automatically calulate a distance that simply doesn't fit into the general appearance.

3. Conclusion

I have no 'censored' idea if this pictures are screenshots or conceptional art. In fact im tired and I wasted 45 mins to analyse and write this down with no clear result. Now I'm even more confused whether these are screenshots or conceptional art. Some aspects indicates in game, some aspects indicate concept art.


I just picked this one up in the official forums:

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Re: Jan 27th - 2 New Screenshots - 1 Klingon 1 Starfleet
« Reply #23 on: 29 January 2009 12:37 AM »
Awesome write up!

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Re: Jan 27th - 2 New Screenshots - 1 Klingon 1 Starfleet
« Reply #24 on: 29 January 2009 09:19 PM »

I just picked this one up in the official forums:

well, this is not a fake engine, if u actualy look its a sprite wich is just set to face the camera wich is making weird edges allot of games have it.. xd

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Re: Jan 27th - 2 New Screenshots - 1 Klingon 1 Starfleet
« Reply #25 on: 30 January 2009 07:37 AM »
If this is in-engine and in-game art this is really scary. I really don't like how they have gone totally stylized versions of everything. I think the space looks really cool, but the ships look so un-star trek. If you guys can understand what I'm getting at. It looks like a cartoony version of star trek and this makes me sad. I am not looking for Age of Conan realism, but less cartoony and more realistic would have been a much better way to go I think.