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Author Topic: Kobayashi Maru #12 and 'STAR TREK DAY" TWITTER EVENT.  (Read 2594 times)

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EARTHDATE 2009.05.08
Kobayashi Maru Vol. 12
Posted by Daeke

This week's scenario was brought to you by Blakery!

    Until now, the Romulans had chosen no sides in this conflict. They had maintained their embassies on Earth and other Federation space, but had given no aid to either side. That made the missive from the Romulans all the more surprising. Starfleet received a transmission from Ambassador H'Daen Jomar, communicating that, due to recent aggressive actions from the Klingons, they would put their dilithium deposits at the disposal of the Federation. They ask for an envoy from the Federation to come to Romulus so they can discuss details of a treaty.

    Your ship leaves before it's scheduled departure time. By a stroke of good fortune, it's refueling schedule had been swapped with another vessel, so you are able to leave a half a day early. On your trip into Romulan space, your long-range sensors detect a large group of Romulan and Klingon starships. Much to your surprise, they're not destroying each other. The ships are idle, and with a bit of ingenuity from your communications officer, you manage to hear what the captains are discussing.

    Your command of the Klingon tongue is not great, but you manage to get the shape of the conversation. The Romulan captain is promising the Klingon their dilithium deposits. By killing your impulse drives, you managed to avoid detection from the other ships, but now you have choices to make. Any transmission that would reach Starfleet would be detected, as would any movement from your vessel. What do you do?


EARTHDATE 2009.05.08
Star Trek Movie Day Twitter Event
Posted by Awen

Today is one of the most important days of the year. Today, Star Trek (2009) hits theaters. Today, we celebrate!  The air is electric. Even the ground underneath Crypticís well-worn floors shudders with excitement.  Naturally, we want to share that excitement with you, so please join us on a Tweet adventure as we blog the experience, front to back.

Zinc, Awen and crew will be twittering throughout the day up to the event. Hit Twitter to view the latest happenings!

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Re: Kobayashi Maru #12 and 'STAR TREK DAY" TWITTER EVENT.
« Reply #1 on: 08 May 2009 10:08 PM »
bah who cares if you're detected, obviously you're far enough away that you're out of weapons range and barely in long range sensors (as we know feds have betetr sensors thank klingons and roms, so you're still well outside their long range sensors). just fire up the dang warp drive, hit a course as fast as possible to the nearest fed station and transmit the information on the fly!

obviously not a well thought out "no win" scenerio.
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